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  1. matthew76

    matthew76 New Member

    I have posted my symptoms before; here is a little recap:

    - I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I am sleeping better with the C-PAP, but never wake up refreshed. In fact, sleeping makes me foggier. I always wake up feeling worse than before, even after 9 hours or more. Even when I awaken during the night, it takes a while to get my bearings. I notice I overbreathe for some reason when getting into bed.

    - My mind is constantly foggy/spacey/drowsy/sleepy. Can doze easily. It is hard to concentrate, and worse, my emotions are dulled. Many things just irritate my head.

    - I have constipation and frequent abdominal aching, gas, and bloating.

    - achy legs/lower back

    - I don't get post-exertion malaise for a fairly short walk, but I do feel physically fatigued as well as mentally drained

    - Always feel a bit on the sick side/worn out

    - high anxiety

    Now my liver function is up. It's the only thing that was abnormal in the blood tests. Do CFS people have this as an additional symptom?
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  2. monicaz49

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    i know nothing about what the test i took meant. But i know my liver tests have been elevated quite a few times. I dont drink or take many meds so i am not sure why. I always wonder about the liver.
    So, if thats what you mean about your liver function being up then yes.
    I have many maaaaaaaany of the same issues u do.
  3. poets

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    I don't have CFS, but I do have FM. And my liver function tests have been high before. I don't know if there's a connection or not. What medications are you on? Many times something simple like Tylenol or too much aspirin will cause problems as well.

    Have you spoken to your doctor about it?

    There are natural supplements available for liver cleansing, that can help lower your enzymes. Those containing milk thistle and dandelion can help. You could go to your local health food store and ask them to recommend something.

    Hope you soon are doing better.

  4. matthew76

    matthew76 New Member

    I use Ativan for anxiety. I've heard that can possibly affect the liver. It brings my nerves down a bit, but creates other problems like even more fogginess and dulled emotions.

    My doctor thinks the high liver function is due to a fatty liver. I put on some weight since last time. She does not think there's a connection between the liver function and my bowel/stomach problems.

    As always, thanks for the advice and good thoughts! I want to feel better so badly and be back to myself.
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    PITATOO Member

    I've had CFIDS and FMS for 15 years. Test results yesterday AST 52 range(0 - 34) ALT 45 range (9 - 41). How concerned should I be. Dr. said not to be too concerned unless I was a heavy drinker which I am not. I am just concerned. My Mom died at 63 from cancer that I know started in or from the liver.??? Also I don't know what it was last test - I am going to request copies for the past few tests and compare - I read the actual numbers really matter in changes from several tests?
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