high potassium, low platelets

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  1. tejanya

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    anyone been told this? what did you do to build the platlets or get rid of the potassium. is this potassium thing dangerous? just need some feed back. thanks.
    sed rate was normal and my cholestral was excellent. i just love these test. not really, but they are ncessary.
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    I HAVE leukemia, and have suffered from platelets as low as 2000 after chemo...like Wakemeup advises, this can be life-threatening, watch it carefully and as she said, NO aspirin, ibuprofen, or any supplements that can have the effect of thinning the blood...watch for spontaneous bruising, petechia (little red dots that appear out of nowhere on your skin). Call your doctor if you see anything like that---yours probably aren't that low, but it's good to know the warning signs anyway, just in case.

    BTW, in NO way am I suggesting you could have leukemia just because your platelets are low, I don't want to scare you at all...I had a whole LOT more wrong on bloodwork than just that, believe me. Your doctor would've done far more testing if they felt anything like that was wrong.

    There is a drug called Neumega, I believe, that can boost platelets. I've never used it, though, they just transfuse me with platelets as needed. But I know it exists and is designed to boost platelets.

    Good that your SED rate & cholesterol is normal! I don't know much about potassium being high, hopefully someone else here can speak to that.

    Good luck, let us know how you make out!


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    As far as building up the platelets, depending on how low they are, there are things the doc can prescribe to help your body produce platelets. Also, vitamin K will help your body to form clots and prevent bleeding.

    The high potassium can be an issue. Potassium imbalance, whether too high or too low, can lead to heart arrythmias which can be fatal. So, it's important that your potassium level is kept under control. First and foremost, try to avoid foods that are rich in potassium. Also, if you are on any kind of potassium-sparing diuretic, the doctor may want to consider adjusting that.

    Hope this helps a bit,
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    What exactly were your counts? It depends on how high or low things are. Just a little bit out of range may be normal for you. What were your values?

    A potassium level can be higher also due to hemolysis which can happen when they are drawing your blood and they have a hard time getting it. The red cells can lyse from the trauma of the draw. That will release potassium and cause a higher level.

    Platelets can also stick together in some people's blood when exposed to the anti-coagulant in the tube. So your count can appear lower than it actually is.

    So, as you can see, there are a number of things that can cause falsely elevated and/or depressed values.

    Can you post what the results were? I will try to check back tomorrow. I am going off-line now for tonight.

    Was your Dr. concerned? That is the ultimate question. If he wasn't, chances are that it is nothing to worry about.

    Take care, Sally

  5. tejanya

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    the platelet thing has been going on for years. sometimes its ok, sometimes low. testing again in 1 month. need to get that under control so i can have my last 2 teeth pulled. it will be ok though. just can't drink orange juice, banana, you know the good stuff. hope peaches are ok. my son works in an orchard and the fresh picked is the best!!!!can not give up everything.
    never had the potassium be high before. so that is a new one. the info my friends here have left has been very helpful. my cholestral was excellent, bp good all the tests showed normal (for me) except those 2 things.
    my family history has lupus and such in it. my dr is good about finding out what is causing what. that's why i don't have 2 adrenal glands and one looooonnnggg scar. but i do not have high bp anymore. just spasms at the scar site occasionally.