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    Some of you know I've been on a high protein diet for about 4 months or more now, and that I cannot say enough good about what it does for my energy level and to ease carbo cravings. It is also essential when on the Guai protocol, if you are hypoglycemic, as I am.
    However, I just had blood work done, and my kidneys are not happy. I have never had abnormal kidney tests before. This is one of the risks of high protein eating, and can lead to kidney failure.
    I did some research this morning, and found that it is only those who already had the start of kidney failure, even though it may not show up on tests yet, who have problems with high protein diets. Also, meat is the main culprit, as dairy foods were not found to affect kidney function.
    Back in 1988, I went to an accupuncturist for my Fibro. He told me my whole problem was poor kidney function....that my metabolism was sluggish and my kidneys were not clearing out toxins fast enough.
    Because of this, I wonder how many of us with Fibro may have subclinical kidney problems and not know it until much later in life, or until we use this diet.
    I am modifying my diet to include even more veggies and a bit more whole fruits, so that I can eat less meat. I do not want to have to eat rice, pasta and bread again, since I do not miss them at all and don't want to gain all the weight back and feel bloated again. I was a dedicated carbaholic for 51 yrs. and cannot believe how my tastes have changed, and how great it feels not to be addicted to sugars, and to be able to say no to desserts. I am also going to restrict myself to one Power Bar per day or less, since they have loads of protein. I was using them for my chocolate fix, since that is the one craving I still have.
    I just want to encourage all of you who are doing high protein diets to get regular kidney function tests. Dialysis would be at least as bad as Fibro, I think, and possibly fatal.
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    My new doc just ordered a metabolic panel including kidney function. I think it's a good idea and probably should be done before someone goes on a high protein diet. If one takes the meat out of a high protein diet, it's pretty hard to come up with stuff to eat.

    Love, Mikie
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    Glad you had the kidney function tested. Has amending the diet helped with those symptoms you mentioned awhile back?

    That was my main concern when I talked to you and Mikie back in the summer about this diet, for myself--as I have compromised kidney function.

    Best wishes,
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    I am not sure if that's what you are referring to, but I was wrong when I thought the diet was the cause of the horrible chills keeping me awake all night. The cause of the chills became very clear when the weather warmed up and they promptly went away. My cold intolerance has gotten really, really bad, when 55 degrees does that to me! To make matters worse, I am now heat intolerant as well, and am really only comfortable between 72 and 78 degrees. Not much of a range.
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    due to a high protein diet, which he felt had really helped him in many ways. BUT...Come to find out, he was able to go back to that diet, and with great success (good lab results) by adhering to the water rule.


    With such high protein, it's necessary to flush the system continually.
    Something to consider

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    Nah, you wouldn't want dialysis. I went through that with my father. Three times every week they take EVERY drop
    of blood out of your body, filter it, run it back in.
    Then there all the emergency dialyses, surgeries to put the shunts in (for accesss to the blood), blocked shunts (and that means more surgeries), plus all the infections you pick up from the dialysis procedure (even though it is as anitseptic as can be) and the surgeries. Some people do ok with it (you know the other alternatve!), especially those you are young and have no other health probblems. It takes
    at least l5-20 hours out of your week, best case scenario, and that's if you don't need emergency procedures (an extra dialysis, an emergency surgery). Then there are things like
    Baxter Company, who makes and supplies (some of) the plastic tubing they use, somehow contaminated its tubing and people all over the world who were hooked up to that tubing died.

    The natural/alternative docs have told us for a long time our culture is overdoing the protein. A little foggy today but I think one thing they used to say was that too much protein leaches important things out of the bones. I saw in the newspaper the other day the research you point out--
    for people with slight kidney problems (many times unknown to them!)meat protein makes it worse--but not protein from
    dairy or legumes. I have never read an explanation of why meat protein is worse than dairy/legume so if anyone knows that I would love to hear about it.
    Congrats Klutzo on changing tastes away from too many carbs.
    Now you have to experiment a little more with no/low protein. Its fun to go to Indian restaraunts to see how fun and tasty legumes can be.

    Another short point. AFter my dad had already been on daialysis a year or so, I read in a teeny tiny itsy bitsy
    article (a paragraph or two!) in a Nephrology Journal(summary of a study) that when kidney function gets so low you are on verge of mandatory dialysis, that if you go on a no protein diet you can hold off dialysis for about a year! Of course they never tell you this. In my dad's case if he could have held off for one year he would have had so much more quality of life for at least one of the last 2and1/2 years of his life!!!!!!!AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG.

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    Your intolerance to heat and cold is identical to my problem. Mine stems from my hypothyroidism, which is so common in anyone with FM. I don't remember if you had ever said you had your thyroid checked by a specialist, not a GP, or if you were already on thyroid hormone??

    So true about the problem with the Atkins diet and people with pre-existing kidney problems. I think this is where the Sommers diet might work better. I have all three of her books and her way of eating is very similar to Dr. Atkins, but she works in whole grains and fruit, which might help your sweet tooth. I was looking through one of her books last night and I think that once I get over the hump with the induction part of Atkins, I'll switch over to Sommers. I do so love a good smoothie!!

    Marilyn :)
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    can you please tell us what NAET is? thanks
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    Yes, Marilyn, I've had my thyroid checked, and re-checked and I still get it checked at least twice yearly, and I did see an Endocrinologist to make sure. All of my numbers are right down the middle. My Rheumy says my heat/cold problem is due to my dysautonomia, which is pretty severe (remember, I have brain damage as well as fibro). I got a new PCP almost a year ago, and for some reason the lab she uses won't run the free T3, so I am going to have to get tough....I've been having the free T3 for the past 16 yrs. though and it's always been OK.
    I already drink a gallon of water, and feel like I live in the bathroom, but would have to drink even more to adhere to that "water rule". I think maybe I should cut down my protein more instead. The diet I am on is not as strict as either Atkins or Sommers, but I ate very little protein all my life before this, so it must have shocked my system.
    Legumes are out. Even with digestive enzymes, they really upset my stomach, and are not allowed on the Metabolic Typing diet, if you are a "mixed type", which is what I am on that diet. I believe it is the best of all diets I've seen, as it is completely individualized based on your answers to a long list of questions. My ancestors did not come from hot places where beans are grown, and genetically I am not equipped to digest them. Check out "The Metabolic Typing Diet" by William Wolcott to find out more.
    The accounts of hospital stays are scary. I do not have any resilience left after 17 yrs. of fibro, and do not think I could handle dialysis. I know I could not afford it.
    Thanks for the book recommendation; I will check it out, but hope it is not the typical alternative jargon, because that is the diet I was on most of my life, ever since I was a 17 yr. old, vegetarian hippie in college, and that diet is the reason why I now have Metabolic Syndrome. Just a hint: If you become a vegetarian and gain a lot of weight, stop! This means you have the tendency to be insulin resistant, and vegetarianism will be a disaster for you. Normal people usually lose weight when becoming vegetarian. Again, I believe most people who can handle being vegetarians have ancestors who were from hot places where they ate grains and veggies. Eskimos would die on that sort of diet, just as an example. There really is no one right diet for everyone.
    Thanks everyone for your input. It is appreciated.
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    Oops! I forgot a couple of people:
    Beckster - I think you are on to something. Low carb AND low protein...in otherwords, caloric restriction,which has been shown to lengthen the life of rats by a whopping 1/3! Have you ever seen a fat 95 yr. old person? I haven't.
    The problem is hunger.I have a ravenous appetite, and always have. Before fibro, I was so physically active it didn't matter, but now it does because I can't work it off,and I am still just as hungry. I need someone to take control of my access to food, like they did with the lab rats in that experiment!
    See the bottom of this post for more addressed to you, beckster!
    Ralph - I am very familiar with NAET, since I studied Naturopathy. I have used a crude form of it for helping me decide which supplements to try, and I know a couple people who used it for allergies. It did wear off after about a year and they needed a booster session. I cannot afford it, since insurance will not cover it. My hubby is the bread winner, and is currently spending big money on accupuncture for his back and elbows, so he can keep working. There just isn't any extra for me to spend. Since NAET is such a bizarre concept (except to those of us who are into Metaphysics), it is not likely to be accepted by conventional medicine, or covered by insurance any time soon. I am glad you are able to afford it and that it helps you.
    To the person (beckster) who asked what NAET is: It's a concept so different from Western medicine, that I'd advise you to do a websearch on it,rather than giving you a quick definition here, as you will have to read a lot about it to "get" it, unless you are a person who has studied Metaphysics before. Try to keep an open mind! :)

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    Natural Allergy Elimination Technique. It is similar to BioSET. They test and treat allergies through muscle testing and an acupressure or acupuncture technique. I have heard more positive comments about BioSET than NAET. People with food allergies especially use this. It is supposed to "cure" allergies. I am considering it for my son since he has many food allergies.