High Pulse Rate and Hypercoagulation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Plantscaper, Feb 12, 2003.

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    Dear Jelly, Madwolf, Mikie or anyone who can relate to having a high pulse rate when checked at the docs. I have consistently had a abnormally high pulse rate, whenever it is checked and wonder if it has any relation to hypercoagulation as the blood would be thicker in that case and probably cause the heart to work harder..AND do you need to get a test for hypercoagulation before starting therapy?
  2. sapphire

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    I also have that and was just diagnosed with POTS in January. I thought I was sick with CFS but this is so much worse. I'm not minimizing the severity of CFS at all.
    It's just that I have been so dizzy and lightheaded and I can't be up but a few minutes without my heart rate going up. I have passed out 5 times in the last 9 days.
    I really hope this is not what you have. I just got back from Toledo, Ohio to see a specialist for this. This was an 8 hour drive but he was well worth it. But now he wants me to go to Chicago to see Dr. Heffez for stenosis.
    You can check your pulse standing and then lying down and if there is a big difference that could be a good indication.
    I have had this a year and a half at least. Just thought all the weird stuff was CFS/FM.
    You really need to find out why your heart rate is increased. I don't think that is part of these DD's.
    I hope you find some answers soon.

    Take care,
  3. tandy

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    Just the last year or so I've had the fast pulse~ Its been detected several times at my primary dr. I think he said it was 120 at rest.He only asked if I was in pain right now....and I'm pretty much always in some degree of pain.Sometimes worse than other times.So I asked why he asked that in relation to my fast pulse.He said "well when your in pain you could have a faster pulse".End of it!! I walked away very concerned thou.Its obviously not normal!
    Is this common in our DD?
  4. sofy

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    mine has been fast the last couple years. I was active before but had to stop all my exercise. This past week have been able to do my old exercise 3 time for 20 min. and today my pulse is down 20 pts. I take the laundry to the basement one piece at a time so its just up and down the stairs. A few months ago I had to stop 2 times to get up or down the stairs and was panting like the dog in summer. To do 20 min non stop is a miracle to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    First, during perimenopause my pulse kept going too high, suddenly and without warning. It stopped doing that after menopause.

    Second, when I stopped exercising at the beginning of my illness, my pulse rate went up to around 86. Since I got back into exercising, my resting pulse has run around 62.

    Third, my blood pressure has become unstable. When it is low, my pulse is high. When my BP is high, my pulse is low. So, if you have orthostatic hypotension, it makes sense that your pulse would be high.

    Also, hyperthyroidism can cause a rapid pulse, so get your thyroid checked, if you haven't already. In 1986 I participated in a study where FMS patients were put on Synthroid, to test the hypothesis that FMS is really hidden hypothyroidism. The very low dose of medicine I was put on caused my pulse to go up to 130 bpm and stay there, until I dropped out of the study after 5 days of no sleep due to this.

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    I have now lost 3 long responses, and it seems that I am in "high tech hell" a lot!!! I wonder if there is any solution for that when you are computer illiterate and have brain drain.. I'll try again when I feel better...AMELIA
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    years. Mine was due to the untreated pain, and
    since I've been on the pain control meds and
    other things like meditation, self hypnosis,
    stretching..you know the list..my pulse never
    goes above 70 to 73. So if your pain isn't
    controlled that could do it too I guess, it did
    for me anyway. Hugs, Bambi
  8. Plantscaper

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    Thank you for all the info..I have a lot to think about and explore..I am in perimenopause and it's difficult at times to decipher it from our DD..I have just been tested for hypothroidism (autoimmune thyroiditis) and they say that I'm on the right dosage but this is the synthetic kind and some of you have indicated that the natural Armour treats the T/3, too, whereas synthroid only treats t/4. I do drink one cup of coffee/day, but it's my last pleasure. I hope that one of these days it will actually be discovered to be a health food similar to tea..Just recently, I have heard that coffee drinkers don't develop diabetes, and being insulin resistant, I am real cognizant of that potential disease.. AMELIA