High sed rate - what does it mean to us?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amymb74, Mar 11, 2003.

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    for the 1st time in 10 years a test was abnormal. My doc said my sed rate is high - I understand it is caused by inflammation but what would I have inflamed? He said its nothing to worry about, probably due to the cfids. Just wanted all the experts opinions! He said normal is 20 mine was 40 (cfids for 10 years - 1st time this test came out like this). Any input appreciated! Amy
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    High Sed rate is indicative of an inflammatory condition. There are a number of conditions to do this and yes it could be cfids. A few other's are, and don't freak because it could be anything. Anemia, congenital heart disease, polycythemia, but inflammation happens in cfids and fms and this is more than likely the cause.
    And not to worry if the doc says all is fine.
  3. phenom

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    hi amy,

    sed rate shows inflammation of ANYTHING. so if you've got a sore throat or a sinus infection you don't know about- it will be higher than 'normal'. i got my test results back the other day and mine was 80 - my doc is now looking for underlying autoimmune disorder, but it is highly likely that she won't find one and that mine is just high normally - so you don't need to worry yourself about it.

    its not a diagnostic test for anything, just shows that somethings not quite right somewhere. hope that helps. you can do a search for sed rate on the boards too (its underneath the view posts and message boards buttons at the top) - there has been quite a few posts on it.