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    This was the last straw!!! My doctor took some blood tests last week. He said my cholesterol is OK but my triglycerides are over 500. He started me on lovastatin. But he didn't have me fast for 12 hours before. I checked on the internet and you're supposed to do that. Anyway, when I got in the car I told my husband I just give up. I can't do this anymore. He was upset with me at first, now he's worried. I'm going to call the dr. tomorrow and demand a test with the fasting. Is this a common problem among us CFS and FM people? I can't take much more of all the different problems that keep cropping up. Man, I need some advice here PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My initial M.D. was clueless, but I go to a D.O. now and I learn a lot. Triglycerides get spiked due to sugar and alcohol consumption. One bowl of sugary cereal will do it.

    When you bring in articles to the doc for discussion, make sure that its one written by an M.D. or they will laugh at you. The AllWXRider doesn't count but if you know how to Google, then you'll be fine.

    How were the other chloresterol values?

    See if there is a D.O. on your insurance plan.

    Add fiber to your diet, 50% soluble (pectin) and 50% insoluble (pysillium husks or metamucil).

    Watch your sugar! "viruses breathe sugar". When they bring out the desserts, "don't say YO, say NO".
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    There are two tests for this. One is fasting, that is the Triglycerides Serum - that is a 12 hr. fast. You can have nothing to eat or drink except water. The other test is Triglycerides Fluid. This is a non-fasting test.

    I read that you need to cut down on sugar and alcohol (which has a lot of sugar in it) and your triglycerides will fall within a very short time.

    I know it is frustrating to get a new diagnoses everytime you go to the Dr., but this seems to be a fact of life. We may have higher Cholestrol (I don't personally) than "normals" due to the fact that we can't exercise and get around as much.
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    Thanks guys for the info guys. I talked to my dr this morning and he wants me to wait 6 weeks and then come back and fast for the 12 hours and he'll take the test again. So now I wait. I am going to cut down on eating so much meat, and I'm going to load up on vegetables and fruits. One of you said that your hubby went on lovastatin and it brought the #'s down fast. Was that for triglycerides too? I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I did a non fasting and fasting test and they both came back high..I was hoping that the original non fasting one was wrong..I am not on medication yet but its something that might happen...I have lost over 80lbs in weight and did have low cholestrol before I became ill..so I believe it is related to cfs/fms
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    Buy good quality fish oil...take two 1200mg tabs in the am..and 2 at night...I brought mine down from 500 to 230 doing that alone. Now I am taking prescription fish oil, Omacor...and we shall see if that does the trick on the rest. The rest of my numbers were very good, I do also take Zocor, and we eat a diet with no trans fats, and more fish and chicken than red meat. I can't help wondering how much any of my test results relate to fibro..and the lack of exercise and the meds!
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    alot of it...80lbs and my cholestrol was normal when I was at my heaviest and now is high.
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    Teller......what worked for me was provachol & this is most important......no sugar & only low carbs......such as green veggies,limited fruit,lean meat & dairy.....also exercise....my trig. were lowered from over 300....to 124.....good luck