High Vit C vs Fusions

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    This is one friend's story about taking high Vit C and it saved him from C4,C5 fusion many years ago....I would NOT consider fusions, I've read many horror stories on those who have done these for neck and backs.... Do your research but this is one man's experience which saved him from surgery of the neck....I take close to 4000mg per day of Vit C, but thinking of uppping my dosing as I have plenty of joint mess in lower back which includes spinal stenosis and do deal with neck OA:

    ((Check out doctoryourself.com and find William J. McCormick, MD; and Fred R. Klenner, MD, and other MD's there at the site that will suggest massive supplements of Vitamin C. It will cure the problem eventually, in a few weeks you'll notice a healing difference - maybe longer, but you need to be consistent with the supplementation. There should be an article out on the web: "Spinal Stenosis and Related Painful Back Problems' - if you can find it. 3 thousand mg of Vit C per meal - up to bowel tolerance. More if you can do it with out hitting the bowel tolerance. It will heal, but it's going to take time. I was going to have a fusion C4-C5 forty years ago... Did not have it - cured it with vitamin C and good multiple VM. I cured it using only 10,000 mg daily, but that was 40 years ago. Now that I'm 72 - I take up to 15,000 mg daily now. Have taken a minimum of 10 grams daily for 40 years with NO side effects. ))
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    Very interesting Jam. I found the article referred to. I never thought of vitamin C as being anti-inflammatory or being able to kill pain (in rather high doses). It's definitely worth looking into. It would be interesting to see if high doses help you -

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    Mary, I am going to up my Vit C to about 3000mg with my meals and go from there...saw my rheumy today and she did a dose of Mesotherapy Injections on knee, down leg and foot/ankle....The Prolo just wasn't doing it after 2 sessions at $150 each....I know Prolo can work and it's worked for my shoulder a while back, but I'm running out of money for all these treatments....Meso is less money so I'm back on this for a while...these are homeopathic solutions and the way they work is to HELP to balance out the body...again I take other homeopathics and they work pretty ok for me so I'm back on this protocol for knee pain etc...on the surgery side of body.....grrrrrrrrrrrr It's a merrygoround of treatment since this surgery.

    While at her office she mentioned Oral Liposomal Gluthatione and I look it up, it's a liquid form, but then I found Reduced Gluthatione and people say how good they feel with taking it, some open capsule and put on tongue first thing in morning....so I added this one on my order....

    On a side note about money, my rheumy spent some time in Iceland with her mother recently and talked about how beautiful and how Expensive....she said they ordered a dominos pizza when they got into their hotel and it was $50....to fill up the auto they drove $150 and it was a small car....there are only 300,000 in the whole country and everyone works but very expensive. 20 hrs of daylight....all healthcare for everyone by govt. See ya......jam
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    Hi Jam - I hope the mesotherapy helps. Yeah, I know what you mean by a merry-go-round of treatment! I'm currently upping my folate to 3200 mcg. a day, so far so good, no improvement but it's not hurting me, and increased the thiamine to 300 mg. Next week I'll try increasing the folate more.

    Re Iceland - that IS expensive, although if I were in Iceland, I think I would try to find something to eat besides Domino's pizza .... 20 hours of daylight now, and I think 20 hours of darkness in the winter. I couldn't handle that much darkness.

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    No, they were so jet lagged and in their hotel room and just called in for the pizza...I'm sure they ate very well the rest of their trip....they are vegetarians.... Iceland would not be my choice, but we are all ladifference.....jm