high white blood cell count/constipation

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    HI there
    I went to the ER the other day because of severe abdominal cramping and pain.

    I was constipated, had a blockage I think that said in the large intestines.

    they did some blood work and there was a high white blood count.

    the doctor said it was propbably due to the stress i wass under and the situation I was in (I think meaning I was constipated)...

    that was a two weeks ago, I am still constipated very bad, they didn't do anything at the ER just told me to contact my doctor.

    I did see the X-ray and it was scarry.

    I do take docusate and milk of magnesia.

    I was so blocked I could barely drink water. I did vomit alot as well.

    such a lovely topic I know but just was looking for answers.

    thank you
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    Lisa - see a doc ASAP!! Constipation can be a serious issue. When was the last time that you had a BM? Do you take any meds, especially narcotic pain meds?

    The problem with chronic constipation is that the longer the waste stays within your bowels, the more water gets absorbed, the harder and drier the BM will be, making it harder to move thru the intestines and even more difficult to come out.

    It is imparative that you see a doc soon if not sooner. I don't want to scare you, but your symptoms may indicate an impaction or obstruction. If you do have one or the other, if you get to a doc, he will rx some more powerful meds to help you get relief or he/she will advice you on how to clear an inpaction/obstruction.

    I would suggest you ask if a fleets enema may help. Also ask if he/she can rx a more powerful med to help you go, such as lactulose/cephulac.

    Also, drink lots and lots of water. And please, I can't emphasize this enough, go see a doc ASAP. I'm stunned that the ER did not help you more, but a higher WBC count can mean a lot of things, including what we talked about earlier--a partial or full bowel obstruction.

    Take care and let us know what your doc says. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do or help you with. I'm no doc, but I have quite a bit of experience in the medical field, working on an ambulance.

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    Hi there
    I know that there was some kind of blockage.
    I was in a lot of pain, layed on the floor for six hours until my husband got home.
    he had to carry me because I couldn't walk.

    when I got to the ER he got a wheel chair and they wanted to leave me in the waiting room but I wouldn't them.

    I was hanging over a wheel chair and didn't need people watching me vomit.

    I must of yelled over 3 hours for someone to help me that I was in a lot of pain.

    they did supply me with vomit bags.

    then I wanted to go to the bathroom

    I kept yelling at the staff to take me

    they just ignored me

    so I crawled to the bathroom and finally someone picked me up and helped me in.

    I did have BM's

    after 6 hours in the ER I was able to go home, they lost my records or something.

    I became blocked again, I called my doctor and she perscribed something.

    so I have been taking that and the senna then the Milk O M
    and now I have diarear for 2 days.

    this is my second really bad experience i had in the ER in a short period of time, the other one worse. i feel a bit traumatized

    I'm going to try and find out about the wblood cell count today.

    thank you so much
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    hi hon, your story sounded somewhat like mine, i wanted you to read my post.."never had crohn's, I have pid"

    I couldnt describe all my symtpoms from the begining cause it makes me nauseous but you xoud like what I had in the beginning...check out that wbc, that was one of the big tips for my er doc, which my gastro (specialist) ignored.

    wishing you better days ahead