High White Blood Cell Question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. joeb7th

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    Long time poster here. 56 year old male.

    Tendon and muscle pain and weakness from fingers to toes getting worse every month. Non-stop and just excruciating now.

    Last three weeks though, I have also been feeling like I have a raging body flu. So weak and sore and chills and hot feelings. Never lets up. No fever registered or heart problems though ( what else is new there?)

    Had EKG today and that came back okay..

    But, weakness so bad today I was at a friends house in the morning and felt like I would faint. They took me to my wife's work to get our only car to drive myself to Urgent Care. In the lobby waiting for my wife I almost went out two more times.

    A security guard saw me in so much distress he decided to race me down the street to a Doctors-On-Duty in his own car.

    Great thoughtfulness and I really apreciated it.

    When I got to the Doctors-On-Duty, I didn't even mention all my two year long pain at first to the DOD doc...just told the doc I was so weak even while I was laying down. Weak beyone weak. Scary weak.

    He did an EKG and blood test for blood sugar and a urinalysis.

    Blood reading was 60, which is the first time in my life I ever had a low blood sugar reading.

    Doc was dismissing me really good with the EKG reading. Said it was normal in a kind of disgusted way like " you must be exaggerating all of this." That's not a quote...just the tone and look he assumed.

    My wife was there and actually noticed and mentioned his dismissive tone and manner when he left the office right after.

    But then, after he left for a few minutes, the doctor came back and asked me if I was having pain urinating or any other pains in that area.

    I said "no."

    He said that there were four levels of measurement for white blood cells in urine. "trace", "small", " moderate", and "large."

    He said my urine was in the "large" measurement. Quite significant he said.

    He was much more respectful after that test result came back.

    I told him I didn't feel any urination pain, but what I didn't tell him was I had done some physical work recently and thought I hurt my back...but now I am wondering if this might be my kidneys that hurt so bad back there.

    I wasn't thinking that quick and didn't want to rock the boat as happens so often with me with docs if I talk too much and throw out too much stuff that is just speculation on my part. So I never mentioned kidney pain...just general pain later all over from tendonitis which started 24 hours after my first Levaquin doses back in Dec. 2005.

    He prescribed an antibiotic called Sulfamethoxasole and said I should see a PC doc ( whioch I don't have ) and if it got any worese to go to an ER.

    He also gave me a blood test request which I immediately had done at a blood lab. Without a primary care doc though I had the results sent to our local Urgent Care office.

    At home right now with soreness all over and that hot skin and chilled feeling but worst of all... weak, weak, weak, weak.

    Like I said...like an incredible never ending and powerful body flu.

    Any thoughts? I know I often share my medical crisis situations for feedback. I hope it doesn't seem to selfish. But man, I always get so much great advice and calming information.

    Thanks, Joe B.
  2. spacee

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    I agree it can get very confusing this weakness. Just when we have it figured out...whammo...an new infection can cause it. I had a kidney infection several years ago and felt very weak...not to the point of passing out though.

    That was very kind of the man to take you to the other place.

    I just can't stand people's attitudes. What happened to manners??? I think ER work "gets" to people. I remember when I was in the ER for a suspected tubal preg., the doc YELLED at my husband to "GET OUT OF THE ROOM". That was uncalled for.

    Anyway, dear one, I hope the med helps clear up the infection and you feel better. I think this may have been a time when the infetion "felt like the powerful body flu" but was the infection. I hope so!

  3. skikat

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    jowb, i am not sure, but pretty sure that a high white blood count means you have an infection.
  4. frosty77

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    So sorry about your bad experience. I'm totally fed up with the medical industry! My latest blood tests showed high white blood cell count too and my primary sent me a letter saying it was due to my allergies. I don't have any allergies!!!
  5. CKater

    CKater New Member

    How scary was that. Hope you're starting to feel somewhat better. Surprising how fast the symptoms of a kidney infection can come on and they can be very severe. I've had many in my life, and only one as bad as you describe and I was hospitalized for it. Of course that was years ago before the insurance nazi's decided we could all gut it out for ourselves and hope for the best. Sorry to hear about the bad doc...they only see us as numbers, some have good bedside manners some don't. I'd try not to take it too personally although when you're sick, it really hurts. Take all of your meds and I sure hope you're well soon.

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