Highlighting suicide? Both sides

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sissy123, May 18, 2003.

  1. Sissy123

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    I can see why some wouldnt think it a good idea to highlight this death. I was just so angry that it came to that. When you are in extreme pain and there is no one to understand it is maddening. Mental illness goes hand in hand with chronic pain, and when you have no support it just enhances it beyond control. Some of us have gotten the help we need when it comes to the depression some of us it get with the intense pain that is relentless with no end in sight. I have accepted the fact that I will probably be this way, or worse, for the rest of my life. My children prevented me from doing myself in at the worst part of my depression, just because I love them so much and didnt want to cause them anymore pain, they have suffered right along with me by my DD. I am a different person and they miss the person I use to be. I was an athlet, but have learned to replace that with many other hobbies. I am here for them until I die naturally or from other causes. This woman, I agree, would put light on the myth that we are all about depression. There are so many things that are involved with this DD and we have to be strong and keep fighting for some releif. I dont hold my breath for a "magic bullet", but maybe there will be some help someday. I just want people to know that this DD can drive some of us that are not as strong to drastic measures. Maybe if she took her meds she would still be here, but maybe she didnt have adequate meds, or a decent, caring Doctor. I just feel so badly for her little girl and herself. I am sad that we must hide the fact someone killed herself because others might think it confirms the fact that "it is all in our heads". I see that we must do things in a different way, but I just wonder if her meds worked and if her doctor was working for her to help ease her pain? I had pain, then became depressed. Is it different for some of you? Did you become depressed and then develope fibro/cfs? I am curious. Thanks for listening. Sis
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    I was not depressed before I got FMS and CFS. I am not depressed now, sad at what I have lost, sad at how hard I struggle, yes but not depressed.
    I have days where those thoughts cross my mind but my religious faith and the fact that I raised to be a fighter keep me going.
    Plus like you said, we would hurt other people so badly.
    I do believe that the general public is shocked that our health could be so bad that we would consider something like that.

    Depression is another illness, like cancer or diabetes and some people have more than one illness.

    My definition for determining that I am not depressed is, most people I know who suffer from depression are not interested in going places, doing things, etc.
    I am very interested just can't go. So that is why I don't think I am depressed.
    My best to you !
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    She was not taking her meds. We do not know the extent of her illnesses nor what was prescribed. We do not know whether she had mental problems. We do not know what level of support was available to her. We just simply do not know enough to comment much beyond the fact that this is a very, very sad story and I pray for her and her family.

    Our situations are all different. Yes, it has taken docs forever to believe in, and understand the nature of, our illnesses. Many of us continue without adequate pain relief and help with sleeping. There is much work to be done in the area of public, and medical, education.

    Situational depression is not uncommon with our illnesses, but people also suffer from clinical depression and it may well be the trigger for our illnesses in predisposed people.

    We do have a depression board here and anyone is welcome to go there to discuss serious depression issues. We also discuss depression here.

    I just think it is not in our best interest to dwell on something so horrible as this and to make this sad woman the symbol of our illnesses. I think if people wish to discuss something as serious as suicide, it really belongs on the depression board.

    Love, Mikie