Highly Depressed and Upset.

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    Ok , im not really sure where to start but here goes .

    Im a 22 year old male from the UK , i currently live with my family and many pets in the countryside . i work in security for a well known UK firm and have been for about 4 years . tho on the outside i seem happy and contempt with my life , on the inside im a complete mess , im about £7000 in debt with no sight of getting clear , i am single with no prospect of finding anyone tho ive tried everything from dating sites to chat rooms going out with friends clubbing and partying etc . this afternoon i have been suspended from my job over a very silly mistake that could im thinking may spell my dismissal from the company ( invesigation pending , and i may not get dismissed but its a serious possibility ) . i havent yet told my parents of this because it will start massive rows and im waiting on the outcome of the issue . i also have a few health worrys that are upsetting me but im too scared to see a doctor incase its something serious. i spend hours unable to sleep and resort to crying to sleep most of the time . ive even thought about suicide tho i have a huge fear of death which puts me off , i feel so lost and alone inside i just want to runaway forever somewhere and be forgotten about . ive tryed making fresh starts and each time something happens and im back to square one again.

    sorry for my potential spelling and grammer mistakes my keyboard sticks a lot .

    thank you for your time in reading this , its nice to find somewere and be able to pour your heart out with fear of riddicule .

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    Welcome to the board. Sorry things are looking a bit grim. (Is that suitable British

    With regard to the disease of depression, see my profile for suggestions. Something as simple as
    Vitamin D3 may help. Click on my name above. If it
    doesn't work, try again later.

    You need to fight back against depression, and that requires help. See a doctor that treats

    See a regular doctor for a checkup. You could have a physical problem like underactive

    With regard to your parents, it may be helpful to move out (once you're sure you have
    a job).

    With regard to friends and girls, you need to be where you can meet them. Join a club,
    group, take a class, etc. If you get your depression treated, you will be able to socialize in a more
    relaxed manner.

    With regard to your debt, can you find a debt counselor or a book on the topic? The general
    approach is to stop all unnecessary spending. Then inform the creditors that you are about
    to file bankruptcy, but will pay off the debt if they will stop interest accruing and help you
    work out a payment plan.

    For example, if you owe a creditor ten percent of your debt, you tell him you have so much
    money each month to pay off your debts and will pay him ten percent of that amount.

    May work, may not.

    As for death, it happens to all of us. Nothing to worry about. May come tomorrow or half a
    century from now. In any case, do the best you can with what you've got now.

    Let me know how you are doing.

    Good luck

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    Well, we've all made mistakes at jobs, so although an investigation is pending let's all hope that it won't mean your dismissal. This must be a terrible weight on you right now. And you don't have to tell your parents.

    Rockgor is right about seeing a doctor and getting a physical and blood work involving hormones. It can very well be that some of the feelings you're having could be from something a doctor finds in the hormone blood work--usually can be remedied easily enough.

    If everything comes out okay with that exam, it would probably be a good idea to start with a therapist (I'm not sure if you call them a therapist or counselor in the U.K.) and talk about not sleeping, crying yourself to sleep and feeling so lost and alone. He/she would probably be able to help you understand why and provide you with ways to help yourself during those times.

    Take care and good luck.
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    I know it may feel like you are sinking with no way out, but I believe that you still have options. You MUST see the doctor. You cannot work and support yourself if you are not healthy. You will only become more depressed because you are unable to make ends meet. Once you find out that you are healthy and okay, you will feel better about yourself and then you will regain some confidence. That confidence will send out a vibe to a prospective mate and soon you won't know how to keep the women off of you! Your job....that may not be so simple. You can only do what you can do on that one. Life is just one big learning environment and ther is not right or wrong. If you have proven yourself to be a good and competent worker in the past, your employer might cut you a break. Don't be so and hard on yourself. And don't think about suicide. You are still alive for a reason; your life has purpose and meaning and you should never feel like death is the only way to be happy. Self awareness and self worth will free your mind and spirit and soon you won't even want to think about death because you will be too busy living!