highly sensitive people/HSP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by krishna3, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. krishna3

    krishna3 New Member

    are any of you highly sensitive people?

    has anyone read the book?

  2. kjfms

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    ...what you book you are refering to. Could you please explain more?


  3. caroleye

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    I've learned to live very hermit-like as a result. I can't tolerate any of the ones listed, and often think I'm on the wrong planet.

    In fact, I know I'm allergic to this one!

  4. dragon06

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    I'm sorry but I don't seem to have any idea what you are talking about. Can somebody expand on this and give more info on the book?
  5. kjfms

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    ...what is the name and who is the author of this book? A little insight please.... :)



    PITATOO Member

    That's me 100%. Have not read the book but have just found it and ordered it. Just the synopsis of the book makes so much sense. My Grandmother was just like this and had Fibro for 60 years. When I was young I thought she was a little nuts. She used to buy a new chair and say it was too comfortable, or a light in the hallway would glare in her eyes if left on, things would "dazzle" her eyes as she put it. I remember making a device for her bed so her blanket would not touch her because it was too heavy. Now I know. I am not just sensitive physically, but spiritully, emotionally etc. Very low pain threshold. Always been this way. That is one reason my ex-wife and I would fight about things like where to vacation. My ideal was a condo on the lake with no-one around - give me Yanni or Enya and put me on the water with a beer and I'm in heaven. I could go on and on but thanks for the idea of getting the book. I'm not sure how it will help me but it will validate a lot. Bobby
  7. Sandyz

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    I haven`t read this book but have read similiar ones. Yes, I am highly sensitive. I think that is part of the reason we are sick because of our bodies being so super sensitive. I can really see it in my two boys too. I pray they have an easier time with it then I did. I understand it know but it was sure hard growing up with and not knowing what was wrong.
  8. kjfms

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    ...thank you-I was begining to think it was like pulling teeth...whew....LOL :)


  9. Cakeart

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    Like with our malaise, many names for a common problem. My dot and I have Sensory integration Disorder, or Sensory integration syndrome, in which you either fall into the category of hypo-sensory or hyper-sensory. My dot and I are hyper-sensory. ie: we both "freak out" over scratchy clothing tags, ( I must cut off every tag!) and nylon thread. Sock seams, bras that need adjustment and underwear that doesn't stay put could send us into a tantrum. Heat, loud noises, and flashing lights cause sensory overload for us. Forget about shopping in malls or any overcrowded store during the holidays. We take paxil to help us cope, and when she attended private school (now we homeschool) my dot took straterra to help her cope as well. She does not have ADD/ADHD but the same meds helped her sensory issues.

    So does this book talk about the same issues? Maybe someone is changing the lingo again.