highrise beds anyone use?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ruby711, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. ruby711

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    I am wondering if a highrise bed can be used as a daily bed rather than just a guest bed. I want a single bed that has a trundle for guests or for when I need more space. The covers of my full size bed are heavy for me to lug when washing at laundrymat so I want a single bed. Anyone use a highrise trundle bed for daily use?
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    I have a bed that is quite high and I have to use a step stool lately to get into it!!

    Don't know anything about highrise trundle beds tho....you might want to consider the difficulty climbing in and out of it tho. I wish I had gotton my bed w the low profile box springs, that would have made it 4 inches lower.
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    Hi Ruby

    I have found that sleeping in any bed difficult. I have bad knees, back, and arthritis along with fibro and bending is hard for me, my hubby just this week purchased a foam with memory foam matress topper. I must say that the extra 3 inches the topper has added to my bed has made getting in and out of bed much easier for me and I am finding I am sleeping some better.

    Good Luck in finding the right bed for youself.

    In Friendship
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    I have an antique queen bed that I share with my husband, since we're both big people and want a bit of space in our togetherness. (grin) It's very high naturally, but I am long in the legs and like the fact that my feet dangle when I'm sitting on the edge. I generally tend to sort of slide out feet first to get out, and the room is small enough that I can generally hold onto the dresser while the dizziness settles.

    My husband is making us a new bed, and while he's redoing the post style and the head and foot board configurations, he is keeping it a queen bed and the same height.

    Have you tried using several lighter blankets as opposed to one larger one? That's what I do. I can manage the quilts, but a heavier blanket would be an issue. Plus I do like the gentle weight on me in cold weather...it's like sleeping in a hug.

    We've also really preferred the eggcrate topper. We got ours because our mattress is old and has to get through til spring, but it makes a lot of difference.
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    A high rise bed is not a high bed it is just made to have another bed under it that one can pull out and use as an extra bed (can be moved to any location in house) or as an extension to the twin bed. There is no box spring or slats. It is a coil base surrounded by a metal frame. These beds are good for guests. I am not sure they really offer enuf support for daily use.
    Thank you for your replies.