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    Hi, when I read the posts about the butt pain club, Sandy's post stood out. She really needs hugs and words of encouragement now. I am sending you soft hugs and good wishes too. I really don't have a way with words but want you to know I feel your pain. I do hope you got some relief and can have a good weekend.Take care.

    If you are reading this, please send Sandy your hug too.
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  2. selma

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    You are special. Sorry you're hurting soo much. Your posts on Oxi has helped me. I've read all of them.
    It was an inspiration. I'm prayiong that you can find something to help you. You've helped me alot. Bless you !
    Love and huggs, Selma
  3. kadywill

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    offer to hug your little hiney right now and I consider myself one, so here goes....

    I love you!
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  4. epicurean

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    We don't know each other,but you always seem to be giving help/understanding to someone.Now its yout turn to receive,hope you are soon feeling well,and returned to your own self.