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    There is always room for you! And Praise God we have other Warriors coming....I been praying for that, and even found a group of prayer warriors on another site the other day and asked that they pray the Lord would send more prayer warriors, Are they from that site?? Praise God Praise God.
    Anyway, I am trying to keep the prayer warrior info to one page, and the times are on that thread, but I have posted them below just for you. If any of them suit you let me know and I will slip you in...Oh Glory to God, what a way to start the day.....Thanks. Takesha

    Pacific Time
    12 am
    5 AM
    1 PM
    2 PM
    4 PM

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    Is there going to be a special thread just for the basic prayer requests - or once the total times are set up - could they be on there?

    No, my other group is thru a Christian Book Group. The Mitford books - It too is a great group of Christians. Last week met 2 for the first time - withe their hubbies at Manitowoc Wi. My daughter is also in that group - she is Hikamomma - I am the same as on here - Hika is the name of our little area on Lake Michigan - 70 mi north of Milwaukee.
    If you look for that other area - and have problems finding it - let me know.
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    I moved to milwaukee when I was 10 and stayed until I was 18. I have a daughter is West Bend...so I have a idea of where you are at...TO COLD FOR ME!!!!

    I answered on your other post too, All the prayer requests, and praise reports will go to the main board (post a topic)
    but the thread I started on the 24 hour prayer circle, I want to keep for people who want to sign up, or want to check their time slots, or to look and see what's available.
    This is such a blessing, and I thank you for your enthusiasim. May God Bless you Marian with the desires of your heart.