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    Hillary posted a blog titled "Our Vietnam War Ended Today"


    I left this comment. Please forgive my bitterness if it is upsetting. If anybody reads my recent article, it gives some of the history and reasons behind it. I did write it with as much diplomacy as possible.

    I hope Elaine De Freitas gets vindicated. She had the integrity and courage to put patients above her career, unlike Kim McCleary. I recently called for Kim to resign or be removed by the Board and be replaced by competent leadership, and for the congressional investigation to be done that the CAA canceled in 1992.


    Nancy Kaiser wrote this before she died: "working towards a shared goal" was exactly what we pioneers were doing and after reading that statement I was compelled to write this article as it is quite apparent, through the years, we were betrayed." "I stopped supporting the CAA out of sheer disappointment and disgust after Kim Kenney McCleary took the helm."

    As much as I am angry at the NIH, CDC, and others, my feelings are stronger towards Kim. No matter how this new research pans out, things didn't have to be nearly as bad as they have been.

    From their brand-new web site "The CFIDS Association of America has taken a commanding leadership role in research."

    Fortunately, that "commanding" is over.


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    I could not agree more. Exactly.
  3. Slayadragon

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    Thanks for providing us with this background, Roy.


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    Thank you for all of the advocacy you have done over the years for ME/CFS. I know we all really appreciate it. You do not seem bitter to me at all, you're only stating the facts. It's a crime the way you've been treated by Kim McCleary. I too hope that Elaine De Freitas is vindicated.


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