Hillebrand viewing "Seabiscuit" at The White House yesterday with

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    the President and The First Lady, is I think what I read.

    Sorry if this has been posted to death by others already, but I guess one more won't hurt.

    If Laura Hillenbrand went the the White House yesterday and saw the movie with the President, then maybe now is the BEST time to try and send some letters/emails to the White House, to the First Lady, and/or the President that we NEED FUNDING for CFS/FMS.

    Also to our senators, etc.

    I'm sure a lot of you have done this A LOT in the past, but now is a GREAT TIME to do it again, I guess.

    I'm just going to tell them that we NEED RECOGNITION of how SERIOUS and life altering/debilitating this illness has made a lot of people. We were creative, ambitious, positive, and loved life and now we are severely limited in our activities.

    Also, I'm going to write day and night-time talk show hosts AGAIN, some of the big ones, like a lot of you have done.

    Please let's try just one more time. Hillenbrand has given me motivation to do more, I guess. In fact, I want to write to HER and tell her how she is helping me and others, hopefully, have more hope.