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    How To Cook and Set Up Your Kitchen

    Everyday meal preparations can become a challenge to those with FMS or CFS. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

    Difficulty: Average
    Time Required: Varies

    Here's How:

    1.Redefine the word "meal". It doesn't have to be a soup-to-nuts presentation. A simple one-dish meal with a salad can still be nutritional.

    2.Get your spourse, older children and teens to help.
    Make a new rule: Whoever cooks dinner doesn't have to clean up.

    3.Plan your menu for the week ahead. Saturday is a good day to do this.

    4.Organize your shopping list by items you most commonly buy and by the aisles in your favorite store.
    Make a shopping list on your computer and print multiple copies.

    5.An organized list helps you save time and money. In the event you can't go to the store, the list makes it easier for someone else to shop for you.
    Do all your grocery shopping in one store. Don't run all over town.

    6.Power Shop! Take your entire family and your computerized list. Try to set a new record time!

    7.Have everyone carry in groceries and put them away. Then
    do something fun and relaxing together as a family.


    8.Find a high stool, with a back, to use at the kitchen counter when preparing food. Don't stand if you can sit.
    Pull out a kitchen drawer and put a large cutting board on it. Sit down to work.

    9.An office chair can help in the kitchen. Roll around instead of walking back and forth.

    10.If you have to stand, put one foot up on a footstool. Change feet periodically. This helps take pressure off your back.

    11.Get more ideas from "The Fibromyalgia Relief Book" by Miryam Williamson.

    What You Need:
    High stool
    Large Cutting Board

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    Any time I cook I have to get at least 4 servings so I can eat one and freeze 3. I usuall get 6 to 8 so most weeks consist of 2 days where I have to actually cook something and the rest is just heat it in the microwave.
    I live alone and frequently cook 10 lbs of salmon at once. Then sit at the dining table after eating and put it into individual snack bags for individual serving.
    Do the same thing with a whole chicken. Throw it in a pot with lots of garlic & herbs and an inch of water. Cook till I remember to go back to it. Heat frozen organic veg, eat and tear up chicken. Usually do 2 chickens at once/ I even freeze left over omlets.
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    Honestly I love mine! My big old Rival crockpot on the counter, and my "Fix it and Forget It Cookbook" for recipes. It works out great for all those frequent memory loss days I have...I just throw everything in there on low usally and forget about it LOL.

    I invested in one of those "monster" Kitchen aid stand mixers also for my holiday baking (which isn't much these days anymore). My wrists kill me with those small electric hand mixers.

  4. Shirl

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    I own is a Nesco electric oven. The heating elements are around the sides, and no matter what you are cooking it never burns! No bottom heat.

    It will cook a pot of beans in half the time as on the stove, a chicken, roast, ham, and turkey the same way.

    You can do everything in these pots, except for frying and broiling.

    They come is many sizes, 4 quart, 5 quart, 6 quart, 12 quart and the big one is 18 quarts.

    Can also be used as a slow cooker.

    Sofy my husband and I do the same thing as you do, we will cook a lot and freeze it.
    We make marinara sauce, just plain, large pot of it (freeze it in small servings). Then when he is gone I can just take out the sauce, and add shrimp (which he boils and peals and freezes too), or meat, meatballs, etc. and its a done deal very quickly. The sauce is already made.

    We do the same with Okra Gumbo, stewed chicken, Jambalaya, cooked pasta, rice, cooked fruit, steamed veggies, and so on and so forth.
    This is the greatest way to have home cooked food without all the trouble everyday. Which I cannot do anymore any how.

    I am alone a lot too, his work takes him off for weeks at a time, and all my kids are grown and on their own. Its just me and my dogs here about half the year alone.

    Now all I need is a better appetite, so I can appreciate my food more!

    Shalom, Shirl

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  5. matildathehunney

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    I got myself a rice cooker. I use it 3-5 times a week, just a small amt of effort and I have hot fresh rice, one of the STAFFS OF LIFE. That and canned or fresh fruit constitute two parts of our main evening meal. And when I cannot do more than that, this is enough, along with some cheese and crackers and/or cereal and milk. I also boil and refry pinto and black beans. Lots of protein and little real effort. Pathetic, maybe, but we seem to eat all right. I often, when I can, bake chicken, fry steaks, and steam vegies. Salads are of the prepackaged variety, and of course, microwave popcorn, and french rolls and salami for sandwiches. There are three of us in the house now and this is generally what we eat, no one is sick except for ME LOLOL
  6. NutsInAlabama

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    Thank you for the tips! I have such a hard time even just figuring out what to cook I stare in the freezer all the time and it s not because its empty and I aways make way way too much

  7. stillafreemind

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    I am enjoying reading what you all do. Mom gave me a couple of recipes (I never spell that word right!). One was for burritoes and one was for mini meatballs. They both make a large batch and you freeze em. When I am having an off day or two..this really comes in handy for supper.

    I pack my husbands lunch too. And am finding that freezing cookies is a great idea. For him and/or company.

    Have a great day and thanks! ..Sher
  8. pam_d

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    As kitchen utensils wear out, replace them with OXO brand tools. They were developed for arthritis sufferers originally, but are excellent for all of us with stiffness, muscle pain, etc. The can opener, for example, is very easy to use.

    My husband has replaced almost all of our kitchen utensils with OXO over time; I get them as stocking stuffers, etc.

    Really makes a difference....

    Thanks for the great info, Shirl & others!!

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    I especially like the cutting board on the open drawer. Never thought of that!

    When I make my grocery list (yes I do it on computer & make copies) I title each group such as Dairy, Frozen, Boxed, Canned, etc. I've found that this saves steps in the store. When I'm in dairy section, I can check at a glance if I got everything I needed.

    Take care......Kathi
  10. NutsInAlabama

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    Just bumping for additional info

    Thanks again
  11. dolsgirl

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    Those are great ideas! Thanks for sharing. dolsgirl
  12. Shirl

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    I grow as much as I can handle, parsley, sweet basil, and chives are my favorites. I also have an ancient Bay Leaf Tree that has been growing in a post for over 15 years.

    I take the parsley, chop it and freeze it in ice cube trays, yes, just put the amount you would cook in the each cubic, then put water it in freeze it. After its frozen put in a zip lock bag, When you cook, just throw the cubs in the pot frozen.

    This can also be done with the sweet basil too, no defrosting, just add the cubes. Chives work out fine this way too, but not for salads or baked potatoes.

    If you buy meat that you are not 'sure' it was if it was frozen before you bought it, just saute it in a pan, then freeze it. This way it won't go bad and it ready to cook anyway you want it.

    I peel garlic, then slice it or put the toes whole in olive oil. Will last in the fridge for a month. Can't freeze garlic!

    Also you can chop onions, long onions (shallots) in bags the size for a gravy. Just toss them in the pot, no fuss no bother!

    If you use tyme fresh, then freeze it like the sweet basil too.

    Just a few more thoughts from the 'used to be cook' here.

    By the way I did buy the 'Roomba' the vac that Mema told me about, it is a dream. You just set that little bugger on the floor, set it for the size of the room, and it vacuums all by its self!
    What a back saver, worth every penny I for paid for it! It even goes under the furniture, beds, tables, chairs and all. Its very light too, and its easy to store, no bags just a tray you take out and empty, great for the doggy hair also. (if you have a dog like mine, you need to put him away when you use it, my Pit Bull thinks its a toy!).

    Shalom, Shirl

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  13. Achy-shaky

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    Great tips! I love the shopping list idea on computer.
    One tip I didn't see that I really love and use a lot is my George Foreman's Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine. It's very quick and does a great job of draining off the fat...looks just like it was done on an outside grill without the smoke. I'm big on salmon and chicken and boy does it do a great job on them.

    Everyone have a great 4th!

  14. jlong

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    I use many of these ideas...but I wanted to share a couple of easy salads that last for days.

    Toss chunks of tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers with bottled Italian dressing.

    Toss canned green beans, wax beans, kidney beans, and chopped onions with bottled vinegarette.

    I use both of these often and when I am up to it I make my own dressings. But the important thing here is that they are quick, easy, last for days, and go with everything from main courses to sandwhiches.

    Hugs to all and keep on sharing great ideas.

  15. smilemona

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    Great ideas!

    My vote is for anything plastic in the kitchen:


    Basically...anything lightweight! :)