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  1. matcat

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    I am new to the board and am thankful I found you. I have had pain in my hip that runs down my hamstring, calf and the bottom of my foot. It is a burning intense pain and sometimes it is so bad I feel sick to my stomach. Has anyone had this problem before and can someone tell me what I might do for it.
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    It is very painful. I used alieve, chiropractic treatments and massage to get rid of it. Not fun though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    And welcome to the board! -Karen
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    to me. I've had 2 ruptured lumbar disks, both required surgery. I was just *bragging* a couple months ago, how my back was the least of my problems these days. The last couple of weeks I've been having intermittent pain, and last night I developed the same thing you are describing, only mine stops right above my foot.

    If you've never had back troubles before, you should get in to see an orthopedist ASAP. You could have a herniated disk or ruptured disk. At any rate, if a disk is pressing on the nerve, aside from the pain you are having, which can be quite intense, you can have other things like numbness or weakness in that leg or foot, or worse - nerve damage where it doesn't function properly. I've got some permanent nerve damage, although minor.

    I'm trying to be REAL careful today of how I'm moving, walking, turning, etc. and hoping this is just a flare of sciatica, however if I'm still having this in a few days I will be off to the doc. Back surgery is something you want to avoid at all costs, trust me. :-(

    Please see a doctor ASAP if you can. Let us know what you find out.

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  4. Jen F

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    I've had mild sciatica before, and by mild I mean it only lasts for a few days at max and I have to limp around until it goes away, stepping on the leg can send a pain like a knife being driven into your hip.

    I have problems with my S.I. joints which usually is what causes my occasional sciatica.

    Chiropractic may help, as well as stretching depending on how inflamed things are. If too inflamed, resting and ice may be best.

    A doctor or a chiro or a physiotherapist may know a lot about this and be able to help you/

    Jen F

    p.s. the sciatic nerve runs through your pelvis into your butt and down your leg, which is likely why you are feeling that pattern of burning.
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    This was my first symptom when I was 10 years old, when the whole shebang started up. My hips and the referred pain are the focal point of all my pain since. I am numb on the skin around my hips and they itch, too, when I am flaring.

    Look, you need to get yours checked out and ruled out, it could be anything, but the thing that makes me relieved about FM as opposed to other diagnoses is that this is not degenerative. It may hurt like hell, but I'm not rotting away (which is what I thought before).

    Relief idea: The only thing that relieves it other than ibuprofen is gentle stretching. You want to stretch the side of your body over your hips. There is an excellent yoga move for this, but it is too hard to describe here. So you might try this: sit cross legged and put one foot up on one knee, bend over toward the other knee and stretch out as much as you can. Then repeat on the other side. You'll feel your side muscles and the muscles over your hip stretch and, hopefully, get some relief from that.

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  6. KayL

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    I had always been pretty physically active. When I ruptured the first disk in my back in 1996, it was after a few months of nagging back pain that seemed to be getting progressively worse. One day it was really bad, down my leg, and it felt like *something was jammed*. I had my friend pull on my legs, as in traction, to help relieve it. I am fully convinced that contributed to the actual rupture of the disk. Don't do anything until you get checked out by a Dr.

    I went to my chiropractor the next day, and by then the pain, burning, numbness and tingling had gone all the way into my toes. My chiropractor refused to touch me and the next morning I couldn't get out of bed, had to be *carried* to the car to go to my ortho's office.

    Call a doc and get it checked out. If the doc recommends stretching, physical therapy, whatever, then it's OK, but don't take chances with your back. Once it's really messed up, it's just never the same. I have this constant fear now that I'm going to do something to re-injure mine, and I'm experiencing it this week. Please, please, see a doc!

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  7. Suekoo

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    Hi - I have exactly what you are describing! First the Rheumatologist said it was bursitis - I went to Physical therapy. It helped some. Both hips and legs hurt - and the pain goes all the way to the heel. You can touch my ankles and they hurt. I rub the muscles and hips with Mineral Ice before bed and it helps some, but I wake in the night with stabbing pain when I roll over on one hip or the other. I am going for an MRI in a few days to see what may be going on in my back. Best of luck to you. I sincerely understand.
  8. matcat

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    I want to thank everyone for their help.I have an appointment with my doctor in the first part of August(soon as they could get me in). All of you are a comfort and I hope I can Help you sometine.