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    Hi. Does anyone out there have severe pain in the lower back area that radiates to the hip and groin area? I have been to almost all my doctors and have had exrays and exams. My remo. dr. says it could be bursitis, NOT fibro. Oh, by the way, I am a long-time sufferer of FM. My Urologists thinks it is FM. My internest says bursitis and my gyn wants me to get a pelvic sonogram. Oh yes, my gastro dr. did a colonoscopy and found NOTHING!!!!! Yet, my pain is excrutiating!!!! Anybody have the same problem? Please help. Thanks so much. Vorbi1
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    You bet I have hip and back pain. I even thought I had bladder infections all the time. My gyn even did a hystorectomy for my abdominal pain. Yep its still thier from time to time. But the hip and back pain is really bad.
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    Hi. Thanks for the reply. What do you do for your hip and back pain? I saw my dr. yesterday an she gave me a cortisone injection, but it wears off pretty quick. She insists it is bursitis and possibily ontop of the fibro. I never get a straight answer. Anyway, hope you are feeling better and hope to hear from you soon. vorbi1
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    I just had a 2nd cortisone shot 7/30, little if no relief at all, have been told it is greater trochanteric bursitis and it goes away..... I am not too convinced at this point, am taking 25 mn vioxx...... anti inflammatory, sitting is bad and bucket car seats are horrible..... some low back pain on and off...... had an abdominal ultra sound last fall for something else..... I am seeking a way to cure the 'bursitis'.... I have Vicodin if it gets really bad but hard to take, makes one fuzzy, I have been living with an ice pack on my side for 4 months !!! Does anything work?
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    I also have hip and back pain, but unlike you, mine goes all the way down my legs and into my feet. I have had four nerve blocks and one facit injection. These worked only a few day, at the most. My doctor gave me a sample of cortisone pills which worked great for a few days, but soon wore off. It isn't good to take these too often, so he would not recommend me taking them for a few months. In the mean time, I hurt. It happens primarily when I am sitting, especially driving. I can drive for only about 45 minutes before I have to stop and walk around. Walking seems to calm it down. My doctor has given me medicine for inflamtion, but they don't work. I have had xrays, a milogram, and other test, but none show anything more than mild degeneration, some arthritis, and some spurs. NOTHING SEEMS TO MAKE IT ANY BETTER! I can symphathize with you. If anyone has any ideas, let us know.
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    I had pain that radiated from back around to groin and sometimes the thigh. It was a deep muscle, the ileopsoaz(sp?). I am a healthcare professional and a sports chiropractor was able to help me. Not all chiros are alike tho so I would make sure he believes in FM and has had the sports training. Hope that helps. I had an unnecessary hysterectomy to rid myself of that pain and guess what! it was still there. Hope that helps.
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    Hey, I have had severe lower back pain and pain in my left hip joint since January, I went to pt for a while, thepain is not so much in the daytime as it is at night. It wakes me up hurting so bad. I was given pain meds, but I only take them when its so bad I can't stand it. I'm thinking about going to an ortho Dr. The physical theripist asked if I was ever was told I had fibro, I wonder if that's what it is? Xrays were ok,so the Dr. said.
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    Hi there,

    Me too. I was hit with a belt and board when I was pre-teen so I thought that that was the main reason my back pain was so bad but I believe it is very common in FMS. It didn't help but I would have had it anyways it looks like.
    Bursitis? Are you having swelling? Redness? It could be but they should know though I have had Doctors contradict each other, so bothersome. My most severe pain is my back. Before I had treatment, my main complaint was, my back was like a thermometer, the pain went from my tailbone to the top of my head, leaving throbbing pain. It is the main reason I cannot sleep or why I wake up at nite.
    I guess I was lucky to find the internet but I worked on comps since I was in High School, so I have a great Docter in California. I seriously wanted a Hyster... because of menstrual problems, my Dr.s said forget it, people with FM don't do well in surgery so it is best to live with it. I went on the Pill after my Tubal Ligation, that meant that everytime I went to urgent care or emergency, they would force me to take a pregnancy test! That meant three more hours of pain. sheesh.
    I have followed a few boards and have heard over and over that surgery did not solve the problem because it is our ligament's that are defective not our bones. I believe the tightening of these ligaments make our bones work harder and causes more pain. It wears out our muscles too. I have Lupus too so I am also a little confused over what causes what. I do know that the first few years, Dr.s kept saying FM shouldn't cause so much pain, it has to be something else, so glad to leave teaching hospitols. Yes, FM can be that painful. It also causes you to have lots of accidents, which cause more pain. It leads to ostero and rheumtoid arthritis and all kinds of auto-immune dieases.

    Worst news. Severe FM has almost all of the symptoms of second stage AIDS, that is why they had to give SSI to FM patients. Nice to know huh. Don't think it is contagious, it isn't but it can be inherited. Whether it is the possibility to develop the illness or if we are born with it remains to be documented. Knowing my childhood and my daughters, I am convinced you are born with it but it still is being studied.
    I have had alot of groin pain too. Sex helps temporarily for me but I am sure the right kind of exercise would have the same effect. My Aunt's great advise was always move around. No matter how bad it hurts, walk a little bit, streach your muscles daily, even if in bed, so your muscles won't stiffen too much. Remember they move the limbs of coma patients because not to move causes atrophe. I had it as a toddler because they thought I had polio. I got my records and found out, they didn't know what was wrong but I had to wear casts to straighten my legs so that I can walk. That is why we have to move some and don't sit all the time, it is terrible on the tailbone!
    I use a cane, it is the most under prescribed aid in medical history! It helps so much! Along with Guaifinesin, I can now walk a couple of miles on good days. It is hard but I feel good about myself when I can hike with friends and see nature too. On those days I can barely move, I can use the cane to get out of bed and hobble to bathroom, kitchen without fallin on my face. I was always twisting my ankle, banging into corners, door frames, at least I have the cane for balance. I use it as my third leg, the guys like that. Yet I haven't had bursitis for three years. It doesn't take the pain away but it helps me grocery shop. The best benefit though. People see it. I don't have to explain why I need to sit down. Ever try to explain FM to strangers, it is a drain. I also got a placard, this way when I feel good enough to shop, I don't leave before I am done because I cannot stand in line or handle walking around the store. At DMV, they offer me a chair. At amusement parks I don't stand in line. It has made my life fuller and more independent.

    Good luck,

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    I don't have the back pain unless I strain the muscles - that goes away with rest.
    I do however have a hip problem from some foolishness when I was 13 years old.(Wanted to be an acrobat) My frame has been out of alignment which led to arthritis in the hip.
    I took condroitin and later glucosamine, but what really helped - AND I WOULD SAY THAT IT IS THE BEST ANTI-INFLAMATORY IN THE WORLD - AND THAT IS FLAX OIL.

    It would be worth a try.
    Also, do look into other dietary help.
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    Well, I do know that Flax oil will help your digestive system, much better than Citracil (sic). I deffinately get sever back pain from inflamation of the bowels. That is my most severe pain, so treating that problem relives some of the pain. I felt though that Flax oil only helps your bowel movement, I never felt it relived inflamation? I would consider that for bowel problems, Miso and Guafinisin also help your bowels which add to severe pain.
    It may depend on how severe your FM is. I have developed Ostero-Arthritis in too many places, so that adds to the pain level. I agree completely and physicians know that those shots, like epidermal, cortisone are only short term relief. I thought it was a kick that I could take two shots of Morphine and feel much better so that I could drive. The Doctor looked at me like I was crazy but I explained that the pain is so severe, taking Codine or Morphine, dulls the pain and I can concentrate so much better then without it. Only those who suffer with severe pain can confess to that. I only need to go to Emergency when I have trouble filling my Ultram prescription. Now, if I get low and am going to run out b4 the next day, I insisted to my pharmacist that they fill that prescription now or else I will have to go to the emergency room. They have been much better because I learned to speak up about it. It is really important to talk to your pharmacist when you feel good because it is hard to be nice when you are in severe pain and they look at you like you are a junky or something.

    Sheesh, Ultram isn't narcotic, it would get pathetic sometimes but I never feel guilty anymore if I need to go to emergency, I use to suffer so much but I just got board with it. No medals or honor in suffering alone in pain. It just helps the Doctors realize how terrible FM really is.
    Oh yeah, there are just some days that you just have to stay in bed or on the couch. When the pain is overwhelming you need to rest. It may help to think about what you did the day before. Many times I caused my own flare-ups because of too much activity, stress but they are things I needed or wanted to do, so I always make sure I have "days off" after an exhausting activity and I just rest. My friends and family are use to this by now, so it isn't a big event at my home.

    Take care of yourself,


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    I had back pain last year in the lower back and and it seemed all my muscles in my legs ached horrible. It was also in the pelvic area and ran all the way down to my toes. I had a MRI and found that I had bulging disks and problems with nerves being pinched in L2/L3/L4 and L5. I went to a neuro surgeon and he did surgey and I have been totally pain free since then. Before that did go to a sacral cranial massage theripist for a while and it did help. I also had spinal injections and they helped for a while. Hope this might give you some ideas. Good Luck
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    just last week i had the pain you decribed had to miss a day's work but i knew i could't work.had the pain all over the pain in the tailbone,leg,just everywhere. it lasted till the next day. just took tylenol. can't afford to go to a doctor. was wondering how muck food allergies relate to fibro.
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    I see this an older post.,,But I came here today just to look. I have the very same pains as yours.
    My drs. look at me strange too. I tell them its all in the left hip socket or my side,goes into my groin,..and into/down my leg. Its horrible at times!!
    and nothing I have here for pain meds helps! I've honestly tried everything I can think of. Other than finding a small amount of relief with heat,..its aggravating to say the least!

    I did finally get a dr. to do hip X-rays after complaining about the pain for the 10th time!!
    He said that I have SOME arthritis in the hip but not alot. Basically,..what showed up would'nt or should'nt be causing alot of pain.
    Well,..as I'm sure you know,..its painful. effects my walking alot. Stairs are a nightmare!

    Just posted to say your not alone.
    I really hope we get a period of relief!!

    The drs. wanted to try cortisone shots but I did'nt want it. I take ultracet for pain.(does'nt help) Dr. won't give me anything stronger. So here I sit.
    Take care :)