Hip Bursectomy?HELP

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    Hi! I have bursitis in a few places on my body. The worst is my left hip. It looks like I have a buttock on my hip,it is that large and swollen. It turns black and blue,my hip and left buttock are deformed from the swelling. Nothing helps it and I have been suffering for a few years with this,though the last year has been constant.My doctor was completely taken aback as she has never seen a case so bad. I have talked to many that have similar problems but none seem to be this severe. Cortisone shots do nothing but make me sick.
    My rheumy has me scheduled to see an orthopaedic surgeon on 2/11. Has anyone here had a hip bursectomy? I am told it is a bit more involved than other types,I guess because of the location. Please explain it to me in detail if you can.
    (I expect this will be the first bursectomy for me,but not the last,sigh...)
    I pray it can be done outpatient,for various reasons I am set against hospitalization.
    Thanks for your help.
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