Hip Damage Issue/Femoral Nerve Dsyfunction

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    It's going on 4 yrs soon since I had the Anterior Hip Replacement....it's been a nightmare for the MOST PART. It took a long time to find out WHY all the numbness and tingling on the thigh along the incision site. Here is the big explanation....

    I've been to the surgeon 3 times and talked MANY TIMES to his PA via email....could NEVER get them to say, Nerve Damage...I had to find it on my own and with the help of others on hip replacement sites.....

    It may lessen with more time or it may not....nerves may repair....or may not

    I could go to nerve docs and go thru a barage of nerve tests, but WHY.....

    About 15% or so end up with this Nerve Damage from the Anterior Hip Replacement, yours truly is one of them...

    I wrote a pretty strong Yelp review about my surgeon, is it his fault or just the CHANCES we take with these surgeries. He came highly recommended and many gave him a 5Star review, myself and another woman talked about our horror outcomes....many more talked about his "lack of bedside manner"....I saw that immediately in him, but I don't need my hand held, just good work from this surgeon.


    Femoral nerve dysfunction is a loss of movement or sensation in parts of the legs
    due to ... Tests may include blood tests, x-rays, and other imaging tests.
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    im so sorry to hear this jam. ive often wondered why you didnt keep after your surgeon. you never mentioned how many times you went back to him. but having read the above post, i guess three times is enough.

    i remember like it was yesterday that you had the operation, doesnt seem like 4 yrs. wow.

    b-12 shots are supposed to be good for the nerve endings , maybe you can speak to your primary about this. they are easy to give yourself, if you decide to try them.

    meanwhile knowing you, im sure you will think of something, that will give you some relief. good luck.

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    Thanks Joanie, I just ordered some Acetyl L Carnitine as it MAY help reduce nerve pain and restore some of the nerve....I've been doing a lot of research for supps for nerve pain/damage.

    When I realized how bad the groin pain was and was told by GP and a PT that hip replacement should be looked....I panicked as had so much other OA and FM pain in body, the trauma of this surgery scared the HECK of me.

    When I met a woman and she had 2 hips done by the surgeon I went to, she was full of encouragement and happy with her outcomes...

    So I thought oh me too.....I chose to feel optimistic.

    It takes a LONG time for the body to settle after these replacements, I ended up with spinal stenosis, worse knee....a poditarist brought the shorter leg issue to my attention, so he added a 1/4" lift to my shoe...I later added 1/2" more... I was told or I read that the leg was evened out in surgery.....BUT it all shifts as we heal.

    Many have talked about this issue, leg discrepancy.

    I had 3 visits to surgeon, xrays taken at the 3rd visit and all was OK he said....

    Thru this all, the infection thing entered my mind many times, but I never was sick or had a fever so don't believe infection is my problem....many do end up with infections...allergies to the metals and plastics put in the body...

    He knows I had a back issue and even sent me to one of his surgeons in their group, she was a farce....no way was I going to do a back surgery.....had 2 MRI's during all this process too.

    I spent about 3 yrs with rheumy for acupuncture and other treatments she does, this work made a big difference with the spinal stenosis, she also sent me to a PT who works with this stenosis....it helped....there were times I could hardly sit for 5 minutes....

    All that has changed....

    But, here I am with this nerve damage and the surgeon and his PT NEVER mentioned nerve damage....just that some get numbness and the medical world doesn't have all the answers.....now I see that is so much BS....They knew, it was nerve damage but just didn't want to say it.

    Oh well, I've rattled on here and will continue with what I do and HOPE some of the numbness will go away, and that nerves will restore at least some anyway.

    I've learned so much and just HOPE HOPE HOPE I never do another surgery.....we can't take them back once done. I've read about so many others with replacement issues, hips, knees and shoulders....jam

    The above all sounds so horrible and it has been and these replacements should be avoided at all costs...
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