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  1. Suekoo

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    I have been reading the Board for about an hour and have learned so much. You guys are wonderful! I am having more and more hip pain. I have difficulty walking after sitting for a while (at least until I've taken about 5-6 steps). Also, trying to sleep is a nightmare - every time I roll over I wake up with stabbing pain. I don't really sleep well on my back. Any suggestions - comments? Thanks :)
  2. Sekoya

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    My hips are by far the most tender of my tender points! I have found two sources of temporary relief.

    (1) A vibrating pillow meant to be used for your feet. I lay down on one side and place the pillow directly under my hip ... aaahhhhhhh ... then after awhile I turn over and do the other hip.

    (2) A bit expensive but absolutely heavenly for hips and all over ... an herbal body wrap from your local spa.
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    for about 3 months now. Since my pain has traveled so much in the 3 years I've been "stricken" I am not sure what is age (I am 62) and what is the DD.

    I can no longer lie on either side so am stuck on my back. I try to prop myself up as much as I can stand and take a Benadryl. It helps me sleep but I sure do hurt so can relate to you.

    My legs also have felt like the bones are breaking since this new episode of pain began. Who knows what this is but it is extremely uncomfortable. I do rub Aspercreme all over myself and it seems to help a lot especially right before bed.

    I have also found it increasingly difficult to climb stairs and even walk altho I started having trouble with my feet about a year ago. This hip thing is definitely something new.

    I only take Vioxx for pain. It helps my head which is chronically painful but does little for the rest of my body. Anything else I've tried does not agree with me.

    Oh - I almost forgot since I tell it so often. Since I have been taking magnesium I have been getting a lot of relief from my fatigue. I buy ProEnergy from this website and also magnesium glycinate and magnesium with calcium. Was hoping all of this stuff would help with the leg pain but so far I cannot tell.

    Let us hear if anything we said helps you.

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    I agree with all the above suggestions. But what has helped me the most was a massage therapist that knows trigger points. I have calcium deposits on the tendons of my left hip. That's what makes mine hurt so much. I had a half an hour massage on just my left hip and leg. Although I was sore the next day, the bad pain and stiffness was gone. Worth every penny. -Karen
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    When I sit for a while, I have trouble walking too when I get up. I actually usually let out a loud noise when I get up and I scare my co workers some times. Sleeping on my side is painful too. I now believe that my Fibro started with a hip and neck injury that occurred after a minor car accident. I had constant pain in my hip and had to go for treatments for over a year. According to all my doctors, that was not normal for such a minor accident. About a year later the other symptoms started, but now that I think about it, maybe they even started sooner.
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    i was wondering if you had a hand held massager i have one got this from walmart it does feel good on the hip .
    the hip pian is new to me it started in the left hip was worried about this till it went also to the right then it faded away .
    but right now it has come back just waiting for it to hit the right hip
    also forgot to say that the massager has heat also