Hip Pain, skin welts

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sanlee, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. sanlee

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    I'm in my 50's now and have had Fibro for about 20 years.
    Lately, both hips are very painful, especially with sitting.
    Got worse a month ago after sitting on an airplane for several hours. Never been the same since. As I sit, right hip pain continues. I've been getting Lidocain IV treatments perscribed by a pain management doc. Only moderate relief from that.
    Stress really aggravates bodily pain. Headaches worsen with stress, sleep suffers too.
    Another problem unsolved after going to 5 doctors is the skin welts and itchy red bumps. Claritin brings moderate relief as does Aloe Vera Gel. This treats the symptoms.
    Could be due to being on too many meds said my G.P.
    Any thoughts?
  2. PVLady

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    I am 53 and also started getting pain and stiffness in the hips. You might want to have your doctor check it out. For me, my doctor said it was part of fibro, she actually found my sore spots in the hip area.

    I have very reactive skin also. I will get welts if my waistband is too tight, or if I scrape my skin. I also have a tendency for hives. My first Rheumatologist made mention of the skin involvement with fibro.

    For my hives, itching, rashes and welts, the best thing was Claritin. Benedryl did nothing.

    I am overweight and presently on a diet to lose. Hopefully, when my weight is down, the hip pain my improve.
  3. kredca4

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    I get thoes Welt's also, White ones, if I wear anything with Elestaic, or rubber, and most adhesive's like Bandaid's make my skin Red, then it welt's up.

    I used to get weird Red rashes also, thought it was just an allergic reatcion, so I started getting rid of some thing's, and changing product's, things I ate.
    Didn't matter.

    I also get Horrible welt's from Jean's, I lost a ton of weight, was so glad to get back into my Jean's only to discover, that in the 5 years I couldn't wear them, I had developed an allergic reaction to them.

    I mentioned in another Post, that we with FMS/CMPD are prone to Histamine problems, that our body makes to much.
    So I take Vistril, and have for about 4 years now, and it has gotten rid of most Symptoms that were bothering me.

    Do you get welt's from Insect bite's,? that's also do to the Histamine in our body.

    The weird, thing is that I have suddenly developed a Chlosterol problem, have tried a lot of things but nothing works, because of the Reactions I get. Lipitor, and even Cholestyramine didn't help.

    I asked my PCP, the last visit, what was going on? I hardly eat anything, and what I do eat, I have been eating for about 7 years now, everyday, Chicken, Carrotts, and Cherry Pie.

    He said that there was a group of people whose body, made to much Cholestrol, and it didn't matter about diet and excerise, because I have been walking for 4 months now for it, and all that has happened is that I lost some weight.

    So it appears that my body makes to much Histamine and Cholesterol. I shudder to think, what will get out of Kilter next?
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    My fibromyalgia began with severe pain in my hips. I find that stretching and if possible walking relieves the pain. I was recently at a convention and we had to sit for hours! I had to get up every 20 minutes or so to walk around and stretch my muscles. I change pain meds often and am going to my rheumy today. But if you can try mild stretching it might help. You could also consider going to a physical therapist. I did that and it really helped me! I also take hot baths every day - the hot water makes me feel so much better! Welcome to our Board!!!!

  5. maris

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    I can really get those knots out by using my pool noodle.

    A good tip that I have learned for releasing the knots in the leg is to get one of those styrofoam tubes that are used as floatation devices in swimming pools. I have seen them in Target called "noodles".

    Cut it in half, sit on the floor with one piece under your
    legs. Let your legs rest on top the tube for about twenty seconds for each sore spot you find.
    You can do both legs at once, or one at a time.

    If you can support your weight with your arms you can roll your legs over the tube and also do your hips by rolling on to your side. I use a pillow for under my arms.
    You can also move the tube by hand.

    Believe me you will find knots, so go slow. If it hurts too much lighten the pressure. Some times I can only stay on a knot for a second or two. But I alway return to the stubborn area to try to release it. This helps to release trigger points and knots in the muscle.

    You can do this laying on your back or stomach. It's a good idea to warm the muscles first with a warm soak in the tub, or with moist heat packs.
    It sounds goofy, but it really helps.

    Adding magnesium to your diet is also a good suggestion.

    I hope you find relief soon.
  6. coop1952

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    My husband just found out that his skin welts were from an allery to his blood pressure meds. I would always check meds first to see if they are the culprit.

    I am also in my 50's. Right hip pain is almost a constant problem and getting worse. X ray shows nothing. My rhemy thinks it is fibro. I know.... it is hard to beleve that it isn't something more serious, it hurts to sit or lay on it. I take pain meds for sleep. It takes the edge off.
    For some reason he doesn't think an MRI will show much. I have had cortisone shots and they only help for about a month.

    Patti C
  7. Vicco

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    I have had this problem since before 2000. 12 doc's later, they tested me for lupus more than once, all negative. Found an internal and infectious disease doc in Tampa. Found out I have Lyme Disease. It slowly degenerates the bones, muscles, and nervous system. Have had it since I was a child. Lyrica and hydroxyzine prescribed by the doc, helped. They call it fibromyalgia, and the hydroxyzine takes away the itch,which in turn takes away the whelps. Right hip pain there also, my rhemy doc said I tested positive for rheumatoid arthritis. Lyme Disease has taken over my life.Have symptoms of many things, but have tested negative for them all. Lyme can cause these things, but doc's tend to avoid the subject. Watch "Under our skin", it might hit home.
  8. Nanie46

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    Hi Vicco, I'm not sure that any of the above members are still on the board since the initial post was from 2004.

    I also have chronic Lyme disease. I hope you are able to find a Lyme literate MD or ND who can help you.