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  1. OMG trying to lay down at night is horrible. I have a moist heating pad I switch from one side to the other, it feels good, but is there anything else that would help? I have had injections before, but it takes so long just to get in the drs. and he always says it fibro. It is hard to walk sometimes, that area feels tight.
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    Just a thought: sometimes there are things we can do..... like being aware of how we're sitting at our computer. I've realized that much of my hip pain comes from not being able to rest my feet on the floor because my desk top is so high that I need to crank my chair way up. And then I slump (she says, sitting up very straight).

    We spend a lot of time on our computers as a rule and need to be very sure we're sitting properly. Getting a footrest/platform is my next project and I'm paying more attention to how I'm sitting. You'll be amazed at how it will help if that's part of the problem and I'll bet it is. Also I see you like to garden and you could be, like me, getting a bit of arthritis in your hip joint(s).

    I also have orthotics in my shoes which has been an enormous help although I hate not being able to wear cute shoes. My chiropractor is a God-send too.


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    I've been struggling with this myself. I was told sleeping with a pillow between your knees could help. When I tried this, the pillow kept slipping around. However, I've seen some special "knee" pillows in mail-order catalogues that are made of foam and are contoured. One of them even attaches to your leg.

    I also wandered into a Healthy Back store recently, and was quite impressed with their beds. I have a Sealy Posturepedic, but I think it's on its last legs. I, too, wake up in pain. The Healthy Back beds are made of "memory foam", and I may replace mine with one of them.

    My doctor said my hip pain comes from having loose ligaments. He recommended physical therapy. It's hard for me to get to appointments, so I'm hoping maybe I can get some "lessons" from a PT that I can then practice at home.

    I hope this helps.

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