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  1. LindaW

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    I feel like I am losingmy mind. I can't stand the pain in my tail bone and in my right hip. It has been so severe the last few months that now I am limping. Has anyone had this? I"ve been trying to keep all this pain bottled up iside and to not complain and now I find myself so nervous I am just pulling the skin off my fingers This illness is nuts ! I am so discouraged.when you go to the Dr. they just about say there is nothing they can do. Thanks for listening. It is so good to have a place to vent, where people undertand.{What does the oliveleaf
    extract do? I have seen serveral posts referring to it}
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    Hi Linda:

    Yes, I have hip pain, too. It seems to be the worst at night and often wakes me up. I can't stand any pressure on my hips either. Last week the skin around my right hip, thigh and buttock was very sore and sensitive. I've never had this before and like you walked with a limp for a few days. I sometimes find that an ice pack helps with the pain-numbs the area. Other people swear by a heating pad.

    Yes, it is good to have this place where we can talk about things that we can't to most of the outside world. I don't know anything about olive leaf extract, but I have seen reference to it here. There are so many things that are supposed to help us that it is mind boggling. And of course different things help different people.

  3. joannie1

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    i am sorry that you have this new pain. I deal with my hips all the time. Have a terrible gait from it also. I need to ask, have you brought this to your Doctor's attention? When we have new syptoms such as this and with it being in the sacrum also it may not be due to this DD. I hope that if you have not discussed this with your Doctor that you will. There are many things that it could be aside from what we deal with with this DD. I wish you luck and wish that I could give you more advise on how to eleviate the pain. I haven't figured it out myself yet. Take care and let me know what the Doc said if you have seen him.
    Take care okay and I know the flustration with your pain.
  4. Katlover

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    I've been having some TERRIBLE hip pain. I wake up several times a night because of the pain and have to roll from one side to the other. It is really bad on the right but is now acting up on the left. I'm also having sensitivity to the skin on the right side. I can't stand to have anyone touch it (and that's the side my hubby has always given me an affectionate "pat" on!). I catch myself limping and/or walking really slow. It hurts to sit too long too. I don't know if there is anything that will help - my pain med and muscle relaxers don't seem to do a thing for this! I do have to say that it comes and goes. It will come, hang around a while and then leave. Then it repeats the cycle. Hang in there. I wish I had a magic cure to give you. All I can do though is tell you that you aren't alone!
    Gentle hugs!
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    The pain in my tailbone is excruciating,so i know exactly what pain you are having.With me it is my left hip that is worse although i do have pain in my right one.This DD started with the pain in my hip 6yrs ago although looking back i had other symptoms of this dd well before that.This illness is nuts i totally agree,unless you suffer with it you would not believe what it does to us,you tell ppl the way your feeling but really they dont know what it is like day in day out with different symptoms occuring daily.It is frustrating i feel like screaming myself.

    Take Care You Are Not Alone

  6. tsj62301

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    that we all think that we have something unrelated to fms and then someone posts the symptom and here we all are. I have horrible pain in my right hip and it really flairs up at night. I have found that if I have to sleep on my side (either side) I put a pillow between my legs and that helps. But the only way I get enough relief to sleep is on my back. Im sorry I wish I could tell you how to make it stop. Im still looking for the answer.
  7. Singleton

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    Hi, Linda, I have suffered FMS/CFS all my life. It worsened when I became a foster mother at 31(loss of sleep-sick babies) and has grown steadily worse until now it rules my life. I began having pain in my right hip about 8 years ago. I became unable to walk through a grocery store when my dear husband died 2 years ago with a fast moving brain cancer. The pain IS horrible, but i have found some things that really do help: Ice in a zip loc bag on the pain if it burns (nerve pain), heat like a heating pad or elec. blanket on high will relax the muscles and ligaments if it's not burning nerve pain. The dr. told me I might have a bag of ice on my hip and a heating pad a few inches away on my lower back, and both were appropriate. I have spent weeks running to my electric blanket for my legs this winter. Also the blue stuff they advertise on TV WORKS! iT REALLY WORKS! I buy it from my health food store, called Ultra Blue, mfg. by BNG Enterprises. It's not expensive at all, $18 something in MS, and it lasts for a month at least, depending on how long it stops your pain. i have had it work up to five or six hours, and that is incredible for me. The pain shoots down my leg, front and back, my knees hurt (I have it to a degree in the other hip and leg, but nothing compared to thins one.)and i smear it wherever I hurt. It is bright blue, but doesn't stain. Has mentol in it, but it''s the Emu oil and MSM that work. Another thing that helps me is the massager-not vibrator, vibration makes me throw-up. There is a hand held massager that pummels your body, it beats on it rather than vibrate it, you can reach almost anywhere with it, and the places it hurts worst when you put it there, is where you need to just leave it for a minute. Don't try to move it up and down over painful places, it hurts too bad. Just let it rest there and beat the muscle. you won't be able to do it for long, but come back to it. I have also discovered recently, if I take my meds plus 3 advil-I know, I know, I can walk a good distance (1/2 way through a store without stopping) if I move very slowly. I am naturally a fast walker-I was always busy, but I have learned if I walk very slowly, enough that people look at me funny sometimes, I am older than I look-most of us are, but if i walk "carefully" as if I don't want my leg to take much notice of the movement, it actually puts off the sweating, nauseating, hands shaking pain that usually come half way through a store. also, fyi-I had a recent Xray of my hip looking for arthritis (no insurance, but I was really afraid it was RA)and my bones are fine! Nothing at all wrong with my hip joints. It's all nerve pain from my spine, and fibromyalgia. Hope this helps you. I do know how you feel!
  8. Singleton

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    I forgot to tell you that you can buy a massager at a back pain store-Better Back, Relax the Back, It's about 16" long and it's rather heavy, but that's good. It puts more weight behind the treatment without you having to push down too hard. It makes me feel much better to see all the other messages about people with one hip that is killing them! I feel so crazy sometimes, I don't bother to try to tell anyone how I feel. Didn't know all of ya'll were out there!
  9. Katlover

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    I'm like you - I didn't dream that other folks had this same symptom. I'll tell you - this site is truly a Godsend! It helps SO much just knowing that I'm not alone or going crazy!! I "check in" every day on my lunch hour and frequently during the morning and afternoon here at work. I've told my boss that I do it so hopefully I won't get in trouble (she is a non-believer - my doc is supposed to be writing her a letter explaining what Fibro and CFS are and the many problems that come along with it! I truly from the depths of my heart hate that we all share this same DD but at least it looks like we have found a wonderful support team! God bless us all! :)
    Gentle hugs!
  10. mrskbarnett

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    And the really horrible thing is, is there is something they can do and most Docs. refuse to believe that we are in pain most of the time. I think sometimes they just give us the meds and pat us on the back, just to pacify us for the moment. I would love to find a Doc. who actually believed me.

    I've had the pain in the hip that I thought I'd die from pain with. I just kept the heat pad on and took LOTS of hot showers and put some Icy Hot on it and took the meds the Doc. gave me, I believe it was Ultram at the time. It will pass and move to another location.

    Have you seen your Doc about it? My prayers are with you. I do understand that it's painful too. Just hang in there, which I'm sure you're sick of hearing, but that's about all I can offer.

    Good luck to you.
  11. jka

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    i have such sever hip,lower back and tailbone pain that mymassage therapist cant even touch them.have found nothing that really helps.i do have a full length homedic massage pad that helps some of the pain.

    good luck
    kathy c.
  12. karen55

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    with hip pain! It's awful; it's constant and varies from a dull, throbbing ache to a pain so sharp that I can't stand up sometimes. I'm having trouble walking the treadmill because it makes my hips hurt so much. Sometimes I look down and expect to see them pulsating right in time with the throb. :-(
  13. evileva

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    I have the hip pain too. Both of them, but it does seem to come and go. Thank the Lord for that. I especially have problems with them if I do too much. Hang in there Linda, it will pass.(hopefully)
  14. debbiem31

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    I have hip pain, but I honestly couldn't tell you if it is FM or arthritis. I haven't been officially dx with either one. Sometimes the pain is so intense that I can barely walk. Last night, every time I rolled onto my right side, I wanted to cry. Needless to say, I'm very tired this morning!!
  15. obrnlc

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    hi all, hope everyone is having a better day with spring approaching, although it is raining heavily outside and does flare up the old symptoms. My whole illness started with groin pain radiating into hips, so severe that i ended up with hysterectomy, sure it was all gyne. related. just want to share my experience with duragesic--i was up to 40-60mgs. of vicodin daily with alot of breakthrough pain when my dr started my duragesic 25mcg/72hrs. (yes you need a prescription--very controlled narcotic) he and i both researched and read that people with a true need for analgesics do not become physically addicted, but are dependent for pain relief. the first patch i put on was the best 62 hours of my life--i was energized and pain free, cleaned closets and parts of my house i hadn't looked at for 5 years. very common not to get the full 72 hrs, but can only be prescribed for 1/72hrs. i felt alert and that this was the answer i needed to continue to work full time. i very rapidly built up a tolerance and needed 50mcgwithin a few weeks--i was convinced that the batch of 25's i got was placebo--that is how much pain i was in after a few weeks. i also became increasingly groggy, severe brain fog, visual disturbances,falling asleep at work and almost while driving a few times. had a false sense of well being, though, so didn't even realize what iwas like. then, after 50 became inadequate (1 mo. later) my dr decided that this was not the solution for me and i needed to come off GRADUALLY. I did it too fast and ended up with severe withdrawal symptoms, and no doctor wanted anything to do with me or to help me (pain doc was away at the time) now, 4wks later i am more alert but unable to go back to work due to pain and dizziness, and severe weakness. I think the duragesic masked alot of symptoms so i didn't realize what a basket case i had become. The pain is slightly better because i stopped the guaifenisen since i couldn't stand the increased pain without the duragesic. I am really trying to do it the way the rheum. says to --with regular sleep and exercise, but unless i take a vicodin, i can't do anything and i am afraid to get back on the narcotics. Just want you to be aware before you start the duragesic--if you are young (i am 42) your probably going to have to come off of it at some point and it is very difficult. My mother has been on for a few years and feels spacy, no appetite, no energy or joy in anything and wants to come off of it, doesn't work for her anymore anyhow, but i am afraid to see her do this without a rehab after seeing what i was like! GOOD LUCK, sorry to dash anybodies hopes, just want you all to be aware. Laurie
  16. JP

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    so sorry to hear about your hip pain. I am 42 and have had right hip pain for a good 5-7 years now. The first time I asked for help with my hip pain my doctor ordered 3 different types of x-rays. This was a blessing. The pictures revealed the source of the pain. I can not live without Vioxx these days. I was a competitive athelete for about 6 years and it took a major toll on my body. Ask for a picture, you could have arthritis and or otherjoint complications, just like mine. I still feel my hip pain 24/7 and it is much improved with my arthritis medication and pain meds. You really don't want to limp and cause other problems if at all possible.

    The best to you...hope you get some help. Jan
  17. irish.me

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    I have problems with hip pain as well. It is horrible, going into my thigh and groin area as well. I lived with it for over a year before I said anything to my doctor. She gave me cortizone shots mixed with something else, sorry I don't know what though. The next two days were sheer agony, as the shot caused trauma, but after that it got so much better. This was a little over a month ago. She thought it might be Burcitis (spelled wrong I'm sure) <smile>. I have rubbed out the area's that were really tender...it was easier to find them after the shot. Rubbing them bruised the area...but it also relieved the pain a lot.
    The rubbing the knots or what feels like little ping pong size balls was very very painful to do...I felt like I was passing out..but it helped in the long run. I found that
    Blue Stuff on sale last weekend for $9.00 and decided to give it a try...and I was so amazed at how it took the pain away and it lasted for hours. It wasn't nasty feeling either to put on, like some others, and I didn't smell like a sick person. I also just discovered Capzasin HP, cost about $14.00...and that stuff works excellent as well..but if you use it, I recommend you use latex gloves to put it on. I washed my hands and all that after applying it, but it didn't get it all off and if I touched my eye or lips they would burn. It is like hot peppers. It also lasts for a couple of days as far as helping you. I don't use it much lately, as the Blue stuff is working, and that shot and working out the lumps in my thigh really helped. I also use that massager and hold it steady on the lumps..it hurts...but it makes a huge difference. I have not had pain wake me up in the last few weeks. My Rhumy said my hips felt just fine..that it was either burcitis or FM or both combined. I hope this helped in someway.
  18. halogirl

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    I also suffer from hip and tailbone pain. Broke my tailbone in delivery 10 years ago. the pain comes and goes...sometimes I limp...sometimes I don't..If I walk on my treadmill regularly it seems to help. The new rheumy I am seeing gave me Bextra for a ankle/foot that was killing me and it seems to helped all my aches and pain esp. morning pain and that stiffness you have when you've stayed in one position too long. I am there with ya in this DD.