hip replacements, anyone?

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    Does anyone have any suggestions for pain medications to take while waiting(Dec 9) for hip replacement surgery? My physical therapy exercises seem to hurt more than help. Does swimming help? Advil works a little. Do cortisone injections help?? Thank you
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    My mother-in-law had a hip replacement done a couple of years ago. She used alieve, but after a while it really bothered her stomach. I think towards the end of her waiting for surgery she had to take a prescription pain med, but I don't remember what it was. What I do remember is that the more pain and the longer she had the pain, she developed a depression. Chronic pain will do that and the more pain the less she went out, so the isolation also contributed to the depression. The point is, make sure your doc is paying attention to this pain issue. Why is the surgery so far off?

    The good news is that the operation was a success and she has no more pain.

    Welcome and keep us posted on your progress. -Karen
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