HIPAA gives us power to correct our records

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    There's been a lot of publicity over the privacy aspect of HIPAA but surprisingly little about how HIPAA can help people control the content of their medical records.

    I strongly urge everyone to read their medical records and check to see what sort of initial reports/notes any doctor new to you is making.

    I've found my records to be full of errors and omissions, many of can (and already have) impeded getting adequate care.

    HIPAA gives us the right to request amendments to our records. If the provider refuses to make the amendments we request, we can appeal. And if they refuse on appeal, they MUST append our appeals to our medical records -- which means that one way or another, we can get the truth into our records.

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    You are absolutly right! This Thursday, I was making plans to go to a new doctor the next day. So, I called my previous doctor's office and asked for copies of my records. One set would be faxed to the new office, and one set would be for me. She was very strange acting when I asked for a set for me. Like nobody ever had asked before.

    She battled with me saying that there was no way she was going to be able to do that by the next day. So, I begged, pleaded, and negotiated. She said that she could not do it because my doc was on vacation, and he had to sign off on them. Why, because he wants to remove certain evidence first? So, I finally got her to send SOME of the recors, just enough where the new doc could have an idea about what's going on. I just had to go down there that afternoon and sign release forms. WHAT A BATTLE!!!!

    I want them because I did not have a very good relationship with my last doc. He had been very harrassing, condescending, and refused to give me adequate treatment for my pain. I plan to report him to the medical board. It is going to cost me .75 cents per page. That is really ridiculous if you ask me, but I want them. WHATEVER!!!

    I'm very glad that you brought this up. More people should be aware of this. We all should have copies about what our docs are writing about us. Thanks!