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    Some information about HIPAA law insurance options, and a question about the scenario: what health insurance options if any are available to people who were on Medicare but then perhaps later had their Social Security disability discontinued?

    In my research, I found that health insurance companies have to provide HIPAA plans, the two most popular plans they offer, without underwriting to eligible people who have had group insurance coverage in the period before applying for the HIPAA plans. This is however a one time option only and you can't change after.

    This seems to be a great benefit as it guarantees many people can get health insurance even if they don't receive Social Security/Medicare. Of course the rates are high, but some prices such as Blue Cross' seem comparable to large company COBRA plan prices. (From about $400/mo. at age 30 to $1000/mo. at age 60.)

    Expensive but health insurance is guaranteed for life, seems like. The other option if one gets Social Security disability and Medicare is of course a lot less expensive but seems to run the risk of having no insurance options if one gets kicked off disability.

    Are there any health insurance options for the after Medicare scenario?

    If you are on Social Security disability, do you have to buy Medicare or can you have another health insurance?

    More information about the HIPAA plans:


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    My daughter is coming off my insurance on Nov 1 because she is turning 19 and I have tried every company big and small, and no one will insure her, even tho she has been insured all her life, because she is bipolar

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