hippocampus/Parkinson's study. Question for everyone.

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    In the study that was posted, it tied stress to Fibro. They mentioned mental stress or physical stress. I know we've had posts like this before but I thought we could answer with one word - physical or mental and then describe why we think we got this. Of course, none of the above would be an answer too.

    Me - Physical - came on right after a car accident where I had a head injury.
  2. angellwolffe

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    lets see:
    whenn i was 4 i was in a car crash, damn drunk drivers, my head was cracked open corner to corner, i should have been a goner plus multiple broken bones. I won't get into details. I was complaining that i was in pain since then.

    In fifth grade, about 10, they decided that i had scoliosis, which took me out of volleyball, track and basketball.

    At 14 or 15 i had sever chicken pox, got it from my brother's kids. I was sick in bed for two months. I missed alot of school the following two years from feeling sick.

    At 19 I was in another car crash, hit head on on my way to work, again damn drunk drivers, this one dropped her cigarette and was trying to pick it up on a curve. This is when the fms really started to become cronic.

    At 27 i lost my first child, the shrink says this is where it began. saying its psychologicall.

    at 29 i went through 4 doctors saying this and that and doing nothing. I still don't remember how it went into remission.

    from 30 to 33 i ran a job with toxic chemicals. I also was going back to school at this time.

    at 33 i broke my arm by tripping over a box at work.

    At 34 this crazed lunatic broke into our house and wanted to kill everybody. Yes he was a reletive. thats what coke and jack can do. And watching Amityville while jacked up.

    at 33 i broke my arm by tripping over a box at work.

    at 34 I lost another child.My doctor was already treating my for the fms at this time.

    This brings us to now, not much has changed. I've basically been having the same symptoms since that first crash at four.

    My conclusion is when i layed there with my head cracked open at 4 the "fight or flight" response went into overdrive trying to keep my alive. Many times i've been in an adrenalyn rush like state. I used to have so much vigor and energy it was weird.

    At the times when i've been in that stressed zone where the "f or f" response kicks in, it automatically goes into over drive. After this I go into a flare. This could mean something or not. Just a thought.

  3. daylight

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    My aunt has Parkinson's . However I'm not sure yet about any genetic connection but it could be. I have had sx. neurological problems for years. Dx. with FM two years ago.
    I have heard that people with RSD can pin point the start of their pain to a pacific accident or injury. I was in a bad car accident in 95' that damaged my spine. My ex-husband also painted cars in our garage so I inhaled a lot of paint fumes.
    Also my aunt's has the same sx. of CFS although the doctors haven't dx. because they believe that their sx. are due to their wiegh and depression.
    I personally more inclined to believe that it is phsyical.

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    I was diagnosed with FM by a specialist in 1986 after having every test known to rule out everything else. No one had heard of it, including myself, at that time. NOw it seems everyone has a "touch" of it.

    I beleive my FM was triggered by a very severe case of the flu.

    That is how I described how I felt to my Dr. "the Flu is still in my back and it won't go away".

    This study indicates emotional/mental stress is the key trigger, so I find it interesting that most posts relate a physical event that trigger the onset. No one in my family has FM. I would say I did get the stubborn gene, as I will not give in and I am always searching for the best relief.
    How do you all feel about the moderation theory...I still try and go until I drop. Hopefully I will get smarter when I hit 50.
  5. foggygirl

    foggygirl New Member

    Big-time stress + surgery + mono = CF/FM for me.


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