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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I have been working out again....pain!!!!But I gotta get this weight off and the dr. ordered I try to get back in the gym. When I do these ab exercises I extend my legs out to work on my lower abs. Well, my right hip just pops everytime I do it. I finally had to stop. My hip is so sore. Now along with fm pain I have joint pain.

    Anyone else have problems with joints popping especially hips?
  2. klcooper

    klcooper New Member

    Hi, my knees and shoulders usually pop. Have major pain in them and the hips. Was told this week it was bursitis & arthritis.

    How much working out do you do? My extent of exercise is getting to work every day. I was told going to the pool would be good, kinda cold for that now though.

    I did get a shot in the hip on Monday, it's sore at the spot but is helping the pain. Did nothing for the shoulder.
  3. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    Maybe try doing aqua therapy or exercises.. They helped me alot. I did it for think 6 weeks and I felt great afterwards.. I understand on weight issues. I lose and then gain. and having a hard time. I used to go to Weight Watchers back in 90 and lost 100 lbs and after I was diagnosed with the Fibro by my Dr and then got a 2nd opinion from a Rheumy Dr.. wasnt long and I wasnt able to do much and kinda started gaining weight back..
    I never gained it all back tho.. Thank God but.. I did almost 3/4 of it.. If I didnt try to be careful now it would have been more. I cant afford to go back now.. I did try to go once a month.. Im a lifetime member after losing it and keeping it off for so long.. but anyways.. back to your hips popping.. maybe try exercising in water it may help .. plus too.. maybe you are over doing it?.. Just a thought.. I know its hard when we want to get it off and think maybe if we push ourselves.. it will come off faster but it doesnt..
    I try to walk but now with this weather and hurting.. I've been just doing stretching exercises..
    Hope this helps some.. Hugs, Deb..
    Feel better!
  4. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Hi Sheila,
    yes my hips used to give me lots of trouble! i would be walking the all of a sudden they would just kinda lock up mid stride & pop like ther were popping out of socket. the pain was so bad i'd almost pass out.now they dont do that near as much, but my left hip is always swollen & tender, the massage therapist found the swollen hip.
    like for the past couple months, they havent been hurting too bad, the out of nowhere it comes back. Right now my pain is in my sternum & chest , Spine, and shoulders.i never know what or where im gonna hurt.it's wierd.
  5. tkearn5000

    tkearn5000 Member

    My hips, shoulders, and knees pop all the time, especially when walking or doing tai-chi. However, I don't have any pain. I have always been confused and annoyed by the fact that this is happening. I have CFS, and suspected lyme, but not fm. Does anyone else have these popping problems without pain.
  6. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Yes, I sound like I'm 100 years old... I'm (just turned) 28. My hips pop, my elbos, wrists, knees and ankles. It hurts for just that second and then it's gone. I've gotten used to it now though. Other people, however, cringe when they hear it.


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