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    Im sorry I jumped all over *you* yesterday :)
    I am just burning out slowly and yesterday was a bad day. I had to leave work to go watch my nephews as my sister was still ill and her boyfriend had the flu.

    I try not to burn out but there are days I really feel I can not take it anymore. Part of it is her depression (since before the fibro), part of it is the fibro, sometimes it is lazyness (she will admit it), part of it is she refuses to let myself or mom take her kids for just a little while so she can rest or whatever... her boyfriend is not supportive.... the pain meds are not working :( and she is on Oxycotin 20 2x a day :( PLUS Oxycodone appx 20-40mg a day :( and she feels it isn't working....
    The depression is BAD when she had down days, especially several in a row b/c she has her boyfriend ticked, my mom still doesn't believe in the fibro (AT all), I am getting burnt out (trying not to)... I am really her only support system.

    She is going to Montana and hoping to go to some support groups next week... I wish I knew what to tell her... until she makes some changes like exercise or PT or even massage... something, not a lot will change :(

    Once again I am so sorry I ripped into you yesterday....

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    She mentioned last night when the depression is bad she thinks of suicide... :( which makes me feel so guilty for feeling like *I* need a break. I know she is reaching out which is good but I don't know where to go from here.

    There are things to help her, but she either *is* in too much pain from the fibro or is just too blah from depression or well I don't know...
    And since being officially diagnoised, she seems worse :( and I don't know if she is truely worse, or with her if it is a mental thing or if Im just noticing it more.

    As for support systems, I live in Juneau, Alaska. Im landlocked, I can not get in the car and drive to the next town. :( There is little here for support systems (none for fibro or pain patients that I know of).

    I have told her about the boards... she gets in a mind fog and forgets to check here (I don't think she has ever been here before).