~ His Healing Love ~

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    ~ His Healing Love ~

    When you’re lonely and sad, Jesus loves you.
    When your heart has been broken, He cares.
    When you’ve sinned and you ask, He’ll forgive you.
    Every burden He carries and shares.

    When you lean upon Him, He’ll uphold you.
    Every prayer that you utter, He’ll hear.
    When you ask Him for strength, He’ll sustain you.
    For, He knows every sorrow and tear.

    Jesus feels all the hurt that you suffer.
    For, He suffered, and agonized, too.
    He was succored with Heavenly solace
    And He offers that solace to you.

    Through the long, lonely, nights He’ll be with you.
    You’re His child and He calls you His own.
    Through the hard, bitter, days He will hold you.
    For, you don’t have to bear it alone.

    Put your trust in the God of all comfort.
    Lay your problems all down at His feet.
    And, His peace that is past understanding
    Will bring healing and make you complete.

    © by Betty Jo Mings