history of family recovery.

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    My grandma my mother and my older sister have all had CFS before me. I am lucky because that means I didn't have to go threw as much as them to get a diagnosis and I have people who know what this illness is like looking after me.

    But all of these three relatives improved dramatically after two years and are now back at work of some sort. I have been house bound for two years now. The expecatation is that i will very soon 'recover' like them. Do you think this is what will happen to me? Or does what happened to them not change my chances of recovery.

    Also all three of them got sick very quickely and I got sick slowly over five years untill i became bedridden for six months. Does this also make a difference to me improving like them?

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    From what I've read, it takes people who have slow-onset CFS longer to recover. Those who have the best chance of recoving have fast-onset and start recovering within one year.

    It's great that you have family members who have recvered. So you have a good chance, it just might take longer than them.
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    It's truly hard to say what course your disease will take, as every case is different. It would be nice if your illness resolves quickly, as did your relatives. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

    I'm not sure whether the fact that you're illness came on slowly makes a difference or not. My illness came on quickly, after having mono. However, 9 years later I'm still struggling with it. I'm just coming out of an extremely bad relapse, and this one was the worst yet.

    So, you see, it truly has alot to do with the individual and what caused your illness. I think CFIDS has many different causes. I believe mine was caused by the mono.

    Gentle healing hugs,