Hitting Bottom...need guidance

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  1. BraidieBunch

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    Well..I really need some input...If you have read my profile before, it has changed just a bit...
    My second husband has moved into a condo for him and his daughter. I filed for divorce on the 11th of Aug, MY first ex is now trying to go for 50-50 custody of our boys,I can't seem to find a job, and have major depression issues...NOW WHAT???
    I am taking trazadone to help sleep 25mg, plus ZMA and klonopin about a half a tab a nite. I rely on provigil to keep me going along with Ibuprofen, MSM, Multis, Ginko Famvir, colostrum and an occasional 1/4 zanaflex if my neck gets too wound up.
    I really need to get my act together!!!! I really don't feel that AD's ever did me any good, but right now I am desperate. I can't get sleepy, or put on lots of weight..more issues!!!
    Any ideas? Serzone was wonderful for me but ...so much for that one!!!
    I pray alot, cry when the boys can't see me and try and put on a happy face for interviews ...I'M TIRED!!!!!
    Love, Peace and Chicken Grease to all, Braidie
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  2. tansy

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    help. It is a low dose that you're taking.

    I had to stop taking trazedone and use a sleep med along with valerian, 5htp, and ZMA. Finally I'm getting more sleep so cope better during the day and with any stresses that occur.



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  3. jeanann

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    STRESSFUL!!!!! And they say stress is no good for us. That was the first thing they told me. And as i kept taking care of myself the stressors disappeared.

    What I had to do was change my perception concerning things being as i thought I wanted them. Prayer is good!!!! I pray for GODS WILL not mine be done today. I have had to change my lifestyle, this has taken time, however it is well worth it. I am up to jogging!!! Just last year I could not get out of bed util 10, now i am done jogging 4 miles by then.

    Stress is a killer. Hope you get better. Remember you are loved here and you are not alone.

    Jean Ann
  4. BraidieBunch

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    Thanks, Tansy...took your advice and took 50 of the Trazadone last night. I feel a bit more rested today.A bit of tenseness in my neck, but I think I can do another day.ggggg...My neck gets so stiff!!!Must be part giraffe!! I guess I just needed to vent.Thanks!
    Jeann..Yes, prayer does make a HUGE difference. As an enabler, I have been working on THY WILL BE DONE through my 12 step program from church for quite some time...maybe I could use a swift kick in the pants in that department!! Thanks for your prayers,
    Love, Peace and Chicken grease to all! Braidie
  5. MtnDews

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    Hang in there, and just take one day at a time. Keep a journal to help your remember what you need to remember. Twenty minute naps are helpful.