Hitting the wall with pain

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    Hi, was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I have been in constant pain for about 4 years,(though have had fibro for about 10 years) treating it with 200 mgs of Ultram (that has gradually gone up from just 50). The pain has gotten steadily worse over the years and on occasion lays me low. Recently though I have been awakened at night with a "wall of pain" that just sucks the breath out of me. I have found that a "symptom" becomes permanent with this disease, and this particular pain seems to be showing up each night now. Has anyone else had this? Being asleep (when I'm actually able) is my only time to be pain free. Now I even fear going to bed. Thanks to all who listened.
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    Hi Tenn, welcome to our world. Please don't get that fear of going to bed. I lived with that for years. It will affect your sleep, and you do need your sleep to heal!

    I used to get a pain in my back that would have me yell out loud and have me wide awake.

    It could be the position you are sleeping in, try a different position, and see if it helps. I used a pillow between my knees and it stop that shocking pain in my upper back that was waking me up.

    I have had Fibro for 20 plus years, I think I have had pains where I had no muscles and nerves at times!

    My husband always told me that I didn't have pains, I had one 'pain' that moved all over my body. Sometimes I think he is right!

    I sure hope you find the cause of this wall of pain, as I have been there and its horrific.

    Have you tried a 'wireless heating mattress pad'? It is so wonderful for the pain and the morning stiffness too.

    Everyone of us here who has one wondered what we did without it!

    I see in your profile that you have a farm? That is wonderful, I was partly raised on a dairy farm (grandfather had a farm, partents lived in the city), and I loved to be there as much as I could.

    I am in the country in Louisiana, but am not well enough to have large animals, could not take proper care of them. But I am in a farm area, and do get to enjoy others' farms and all those wonderful animals too. I do have five dogs, so they keep me moving.

    Shazz, next time you take that hot bath, try 3 cups of Epson Salts, and 3 bottles of regular Peroxide (large size) in the water. It will really help with the pain, talk about a great nights sleep!

    Welcome again, to both of you and hope we hear from you two often.

    Shalom, Shirl
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