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    Hello all,

    I am a graduate student completing my Master's Thesis. If you could please take a few moments, click on the link below and complete the survey, it will be of great help. Please note that NO names are used/asked and all information is confidential.


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    What is so hard is that we get people here who don't read the rules about no surveys and no research surveys. Students come here forgetting that this is a board for us to help each other and instead students come here not wanting to become part of the board, but instead wanting something of us. We're not looking for people that want something of us--that's why we don't respond.

    We actually would like students to stop using the internet to do their school project in a super easy way. Instead we would ask you to go out into the community, to AIDS centers and present yourself, talk about what you have learned, then hand out printed copies of your surveys so that you actually have to put some work into it. It actually puts you face to face with the people you want information from and is much more valuable than some weak attempt using an internet survey. Plus anyone on the internet can answer your survey falsely that doesn't have AIDS-- so internet surveys are truly worthless. You must know that.

    You have to decide whether you want to your Master's Thesis to be the best with actual information from people at an AIDS center that you interfaced with, or whether you want quick false info given to teach you a lesson and that we're tired of survey people. Remember, we don't care as it's not our thesis.
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