hives anyone?

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  1. on wednesday night I suddeenly had itchy,prickly, burning sensation in parts of my body. I then got all red for a few minutes and then it all passed. The following morning I went to the dermatologist. The Dr. said it was hives( I started erupting while in his office.) The Dr. said no idea as to how hives come or when they will leave.Anyone out there has hives. Input please. From wednesday to today monday Ihave had episodes almost everyday.Thanks for any input.
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    A couple of years ago, I erupted in hives all over my body, from
    head to toes. It was terrible. I can't take antihistamines as they make
    me fall asleep for 6 hrs from one lousy pill, so I put aloe vera gel all
    over my body a couple of times a day.

    Dermatology tested me: I was allergic to exactly everything I eat on
    a regular basis..well, I decided they had a mental problem, LOL, and
    just let them go, and they subsided after about a week or so, and I
    haven't had them since...weird.

    So sorry you're suffering this way. Hope you feel better soon. If they
    affect your breathing, plz go the emergency room!

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    Do you have a virus?

    I once had a virus that didn't develop in to a flu (though my DH had the flu normally) but I came out in severe hives all over my body (even my eyes were affected).

    They came and went over about a week and then subsided.

    My doctor said I had had an "allergic reaction to the virus"

    I found the best thing to keep me more or less comfortable was keeping cool and taking Benadryl at night although the Benadryl didn't help much.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Bunchy x
  4. Thanks skeptik2 and bunchy for sharing your experience. Ijust hope the hives go away soon. Thanks.
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    I've had hives twice and both times, they were a result of the antibiotic I was taking. They didn't last but a couple of days but really burned, especially the ones on my back. The only thing I did was take benadryl and wait it out. Maybe a cortizone cream would help if they itch.
  6. Yes the burning has been the worst. Nothing today, maybe its gone. I have been taking Zyrtec and applying hydrocortisone cream if needed.