hives--is it another thing that goes with FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. loto

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    Hi all with FM

    Last week I started breaking out with mild hives off and on, and while there is no rash or anything on the soles of my feet or palms of my hands they itch terribly, also.

    I have not used any different products at home, and have not changed my meds. I did, however have surgery last Tuesday, but the itching started Thursday. The doctor who performed the surgery said if anything they gave me is causing it, it would have started right away. Well I'm wondering if whatever they gave me, the antibiotic (only thru IV during surgery) is interacting with my medications, but took a day and a half to cause the allergic reaction? I have no idea. Right before I started itching all over the area around the bandage they put over the surgery site starting irritating my skin. I have developed a reaction to bandaids starting this past year. So, I took the bandage off, a day early, but hey, the irritation was killing me! And, yesterday I pulled off the steri-strips, even though I was supposed to wait till they fell off on their own. So far today I have not had any terrible flare-ups of itching, so it makes me wonder if it was the steri-strips. But, the itching and hives never started until later in the day. So, I may still break out today.

    Anyway, sorry to make the description so long, but has anyone else with FM broke out like this for no apparent reason? I'm going to google FM again to see if hives is another thing that goes with FM.

  2. KerryK

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    It is possible. Read following article.

    Chronic urticaria [hives] is usually associated with fibromyalgia syndrome – Source: Acta Dermato Venereologica, Aug 2009
    by Claudio Torresani, et al.
    August 20, 2009

    Although the pathophysiology of chronic urticaria [hives] is not fully understood, it is possible that dysfunctioning of peripheral cutaneous nerve fibers may be involved. It has also been suggested that fibromyalgia syndrome, a multi-symptomatic chronic pain condition, may be associated with alterations and dysfunctioning of peripheral cutaneous nerve fibers [in the skin].

    The aim of this study was to determine whether patients with chronic urticaria are also affected by fibromyalgia syndrome.

    A total of 126 patients with chronic urticaria were investigated for fibromyalgia syndrome. An unexpectedly high proportion (over 70%) had fibromyalgia syndrome.

    The corresponding proportion for 50 control dermatological patients [having FM] was 16%, which is higher than previously published data for the Italian general population (2.2%).

    It is possible that dysfunctional cutaneous nerve fibers of patients with fibromyalgia syndrome may release neuropeptides, which, in turn, may induce dermal microvessel dilatation and plasma extravasation.

    Furthermore, some neuropeptides may favor mast cell degranulation, which stimulates nerve endings, thus providing positive feedback.

    Chronic urticaria may thus be viewed in many patients as a consequence of fibromyalgia syndrome; in fact, skin neuropathy (fibromyalgia syndrome) may trigger neurogenic skin inflammation (chronic urticaria).

  3. loto

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    That's really interesting.
    I was hoping it wouldn't be a possible part of FM, but in the back of my mind I think I knew it.

    I'm not having as much itching today as I had over the weekend, however, it' still there, my skin feels weird today.

    Hmmmm, I just can't find any other possible cause of it, and maybe my biopsy surgery last week triggered a new symptom of my FM?
    That makes me wonder--another trauma to my body causing another symptom of FM.

    Thanks again for replying and confirming my suspisions.


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