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    Like you I also have osteoarthritis as well as fibro for the past month I have had very severe rib pain nothing seems to be helping but i go back to doctor on monday. I come from Airdrie North Lanarkshire.I am 50 years old and have had fibro for past 12 years how long have you had it? I also dont get any relief by the hot weather nice to talk to you although i wish none of us needed to be on this site if you know what i mean. Hope to hear from you soon.
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    nellie as far as i can remember,i was x-rayed,away back in
    1990,and osteo showed up in my right foot/ankle also my
    right knee and lower back,altho,iwas told also at that time
    due to the burning feeling throughout my whole skeletal,
    muscle,and nervous system, the burning feeling etc. was put
    down as sciatica[altho, i kept disagreeing with that]knowing
    it was something else,because there were times my whole
    body would just sieze up[temporarly]and iwas also experiencing all the symptoms[what we all know now]as F.M.
    i,ve been a very anxeity/manic depressive person all of my
    life,--long before i got osteo and f.m--and found out it,s
    bad enough suffering the constant pain etec. from them,
    but once i get uptight the panic attacks/anxiety/depression
    makes it a whole new ball-game,as the pain/stiffness just
    magnifie,s.leaving me in a state of confusion/lack of
    awareness,etc.i would,nt wish the symptom,s on my worse
    enemy,i started attending a pain clinic a yr.or so ago,
    and as far as i can understand,it was due to having various
    blood-test,s,and my constant trying for years to explain
    something i knew nothing about[i,m no doctor]but i think
    that by getting this wee computer into my home a yr.or so ago,it gave me the opportunity to surf thro, various
    web-sites, and i indentified my symtom,s,so i was in a better position to at least describe to my doc,s,in a better
    way than ever,--what pain/discomfort etc.[i would write it
    all down of course prior to going to the doc. that way i
    did,nt miss much out,i have been attending last wed. of every month,the greenock branch of artritis care, i get picked up in a wee mini-bus,have a couple of hours of
    company[and beleive it or not a wee laugh sometimes,i had,nt
    done that for years,[i,ve lived alone about 30yr.] also
    more recently the social services have been doing my shopping. and organized i attend a thurs.afternoon centre
    for the disabled[it,s great]mair company.--also i attend
    another of their centres,for a few hrs. on a friday morning.
    it took since 1988--till about 1999 before i was really recognized as being as bad as i claimed to be. hence i started to get d.l.a.and the other help i mentioned,i put it
    all down to good folk like the one,s on board,s such as this
    also the board,s you can surf,explaining to guy,s like me
    the proper way to present your case to the authoritie,s
    for the entitled monetory benefits and community care.
    one last thing,i,m 59yr.old tommorow 14th august.
    and can remember away back 40 odd year being in a car crash
    also various times thro, my earlier year,s having ie.
    at work,i was a woodmachinist 1959-1970 and later to work at
    the parks dept. of my local council until getting med. ret.
    in 1988.i had like other,s had my fair share of accident,s
    ie. a few broken bones, the doc. tells me these tend to act
    up again in later life,meaning the osteo etc. thrives on it, well i,m sure i,ve been told like the rest of the sufferer,s out there, at the present there is no cure,
    so just keep taking the tablet.s[not that they help much
    anyway]but i,m glad to be getting them, and like i said
    earlier up there all the other help i,m getting,--so i,m
    thankfull that god has,nt forgotten me, and i hope he looks
    after all you folk out there also.god bless.[frae paddy] that,s me.
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    hello there paddy, I haven't been in the site for a while, I have also experienced panic attacks it is woeful I get very uptight if i am in amongst a crowd it kind of damages any social life. Last time I was at doctor he changed my tablets I am now on arcoxia, robaxin and zydol I feel they have really helped a good bit I also started using arnica gel it takes the edge off but i'll tell you i would try anything for peace. Hope you feel a bit better soon Min