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    Sorry, I've put your 'reply' on the 'Attn: Prickles' Post, below this one!!!!! Lol!!! You following this???? I get SO confused, dunno wot I'm doing, sumtimes!!!!!

    Hope you read it!!! I'M tooooo tired to type it 'ALL' again!!!! LoL!!!! Been 'Doing' tooo much physical work this morning! (& That's only a little bit of housework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....SiGH!!!!!!!)

    Please let me know what you think, if you read it, your particular enthusiasm, rubs off on me, for some reason!!!??? Perhaps it's just because you are in the UK too???!!! Doesn't matter really, does it? Anything that HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!

    CHEERS for now Mai Xxx :)