HLA blood test?

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    Has anyone heard of or had a 5 part HLA blood test from Lab Corp? It is suppose to determine if you can rid your body of the toxins from die off. I just read about it last night online.
    I started zithromycin 500 mg. end of Oct 07. Also started (all added in gradually) artemisinin 100mg, amantadine 100mg, flagyl 500mg (7 days once a month)and difflucan 200mg every two weeks. I didn't herx until 5 weeks after I started the zithro and after the first time of flagyl.j(first part of Dec.) It was brutal. Then after the second time with the flagyl I have never stopped herxing and that was the first week of Jan. Last week my Doctor told me to stop all meds and let my body heal and that I should start my meds again when I feel better. It is a week later and I am still herxing. I am thinking I still am having die off problems. Is this normal? Thinking of asking my doctor about this test. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks. Beth
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    Think of Flagyl as chemo for Lymies. Your protocol sounds like the FFC one. They only use Flagyl for one week of the month beause it's so hard on the body.

    FWIW, your doc does the same thing mine does for a herx. Back of all meds until your body can handle it.

    Are you a member of Lymenet Flash? or Healing Well? Any one of the other forums has info about the HLA testing.

    I'm looking for this and a few other blood tests too. I want a Spect scan. And a CD 57 count. And a WB for my DH. And a Fry blood smear for coinfections for me. And some homocysteine tests. And a bunch of other tests.

    Instead of being able to have the doc's office look up stuff like panel numbers and order we have to do all the leg work then beg someone to run the tests.
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    I'm very familiar with the HLA blood test from Labcorp. I've had it run on myself and family members. You will need Table 5 in the Mold Warriors book to interpret the results. From there you can determine whether or not you have one of the genotypes that is not able to recognize the toxins. I have seen the results for quite a few lymies and very often those of us with chronic Lyme have one of the multi-susceptible genotypes and/or a mold genotype. The treatment most recommended to bind the toxins is CSM (an old cholesterol medicine - the theory being that the toxins circulate in your fat/cholesterol), but lymies usually have to take Actos (if your leptin is high) otherwise, you will have incredible herx reactions as the toxins are being cleared. If you don't have high leptin, then you'll need to take lots of fish oil to keep the inflammation down during this period. How well you recover on this protocol depends upon whether or not you have ongoing mold exposure. Mold is ubiquitous and unfortunately for those of us with these genotypes, the longer we're exposed, the more sensitive we become. Also, if you have alot of food sensitivies or other allergies, you may have difficulty with the CSM protocol or need a compounded version without fillers. I was able to continue taking the CSM by having a NAET treatment so that I could tolerate it. For those of us with one of the multi-susceptible genotypes, the CSM is often necessary for maintenance due to ongoing mold exposures (in the grocery store, just being around someone that lives in a moldy environment, etc.). I hope this helps. It is not an easy treatment, but well worth it in the end. I was close to disability when I started the protocol and am now back to functioning at about a 90% level.