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    Is there anyone who could help me calculate my results? I am thinking of seeing Dr. Shoemaker and would love to know what genotype I am prior. My MD is unable to interpret the results.

    HLA Class II:

    DRB1*08:01, 12:DUKV
    DQB1*03:01, 04:02

    Code translation:

    DUVK 01/06/10/17
    FGVA 01/02/03/04/06/10/11/12/14/15/17/20/22/23/24

    SBT Exons Tested:

    DRB1* 2
    DQB1* 2, 3

    DRB4 was tested and found to be negative
    DRB5 was tested and found to be negative

    Thank you in advance for any help with this!

  2. Forebearance

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    Hi Shonna,

    Your results look a little different than the other results I've seen. Hmm.

    I don't have my copy of "Mold Warriors" with me any more, so I'm trying to do it partially from memory. Hopefully someone else will come along who has their copy handy and can look up what your results mean. (Do you have a copy? I think Dr. S might expect you to have read it if you go see him.)

    But if I had to take a stab at it, it looks to me like your DRB1 is 8,12 and your DQ is 3,4 and you have one DRB3 which is 2, which means 52B.

    So if you take those results and separate them into known haplotypes, you might get:
    8-4 and

    If that is correct, then according to Dr. S's HLA rosetta stone, your 8-4 haplotype has "no recognized significance" and your 12-3-52B haplotype is one of the Multisusceptible ones.

    IF this is correct, then it would be totally typical of a CFS patient for you to have one multisusceptible haplotype. There are lots of other people on this board in the same boat.

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  3. shonna

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    Thank you for your response! I have Dr. Shoemaker's book but have not completed it. I am just struggling to interpret the Rosetta Stone directions. I see that 12-3-52B is under multisusceptible. Is this the 2% of the population that you do not want to be in?

    I am concerned that I will have to have the HLA repeated. As you noticed it does look different from the other few results that I have seen on this forum. ( 0n another site )I saw a woman discussing the frustration that she had in getting Labs processed prior to seeing Dr. S and I think she mentioned that the requisition for this test has to be marked HLA disease......??? I can not remember the exact name. She had to have the HLA repeted for this reason???

    What does 12-3-52B multisusceptible really mean? If you are correct what are my chances? Can Dr. S even help me? I have not been diagnosed with CFS but have had migraine type head symptoms,flu-like symptoms, GI discomfort, numbness/tingling and fatigue......sudden onset of head symptoms only initially in Aug 2008 at a cabin in Priest Lake Idaho. I found out later that this cabin had/has mold in the basement. I am just waiting for ERMI Mycometriclab results for our house.

    I was misdiagnosed with post concussive syndrome ( from a mild mountain bike fall 10 days prior to the onset of symptoms ) and then a spontaneous CSF leak in my thoracic spinal chord ( from a faulty imaging study ). I have multiple nervesleeve root cysts on my spinal chord which pre-disposes a leak because the dura is thin. Have you ever seen people on this forum with this condition? I saw a specialist in L.A that says I just have these cysts but they are not leaking CSF. I also have a 3mm non-functioning microadenoma on my pituitary gland.

    I was diagnosed with boarderline POTS after going through ANS testing because of low blood preasure and a rapid pulse. Hve you seen this condition on the forum.

    My C4a is about 16,000 and C3a is normal. VIP is 16 and MSH is 15. ( It was recommended that I wait to get the remanining labs done through Dr.S. ) What are your thoughts from the info I have given?

    Again, I really appreciate your thoughts and help.
  4. Forebearance

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    Hi again Shonna,

    The instructions for decoding your HLA-DR lab test results are in an appendix in the back of "Mold Warriors", right after the HLA Rosetta Stone. You can probably do it yourself to double check my interpretation. I'm glad you have the book!

    Dr. Shoemaker's website (biotoxins.info) is more recently updated than his book. On the website you will find a list of codes to use when you order the lab tests he recommends. I used the code he said to use for the HLA-DR test and it worked out all right for me.

    So I don't know if you'll need another test of that or not.

    As I understand it, having a multisusceptible haplotype (or genotype, or whatever you call it) means that your acquired immune system has a blind spot for many different types of biological neurotoxins. So you have to help the body get all those types of toxins out of you if you have been exposed to them.

    I seem to remember that Dr. S. calls one or two of the multisusceptible types the 'dreaded' ones because he has a hard time helping people with those haplotypes. I don't remember which one(s) were considered to be those.

    Boy, that's a good question about whether Dr. S. can help you. I've heard a lot of people say he helped them some, and he describes some cases in his book of people he's helped to totally recover.

    I would guess that he would probably feel confident he could help you. He has a lot of confidence. From what I've heard, he doesn't have a warm and fuzzy bedside manner. It sounds like he is pretty rigid about following his program in the order he designed it. But he is the expert on biotoxins, so I guess it just depends on what you are looking for.

    If you prefer a doctor who is more warm, there are other doctors who understand Dr. S's protocol and can prescribe it for you. It's not "their baby", so they might be a little more flexible about things. One is Dr. Guyer in Indianapolis, and one is Dr. Gordon in California. There might be more. Maybe that CFS specialist in Kansas City or Dr. Vrchota in Minnesota do it by now. I'm probably forgetting somebody, too.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your exposure to mold in the cabin and your issues with your spinal cord. A lot of us with CFS have POTS and low blood pressure and a rapid pulse (or rapid at times). My brain is very rusty but it seems like your C4a is high. So that plus your other lab results might be steering you towards a diagnosis of mold poisoning.

    There was a time on this board when a bunch of us were comparing our C4a and C3a results, and all the other Shoemaker test results. Now I can't even remember my own C4a! But I remember it was high. You might search for old posts about these subjects.

    I don't recall running into people on here with spinal problems, but I bet there were and are some. I just wasn't paying attention to it.

    One thing I seem to remember was that it was easier for people to get better when they hadn't been sick for very long. So if that is your situation, maybe there is a lot of hope for you!

    I wish you the best in getting well in whatever way you decide to follow.
    I know how hard this is.

  5. Lono83

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    1. I doubt you need to get the HLA-DR test again. It's a genetic test, so it won't change.

    2. This is a link to the appendix in Mold Warriors -


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