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    I have had pain since April 24th, and I have been waiting for the Stupid HMO to get off their Butt, to ok for nme to see the Proper Dr. and some much needed Test's.

    I have been staying off my computer so they can call, to only end up calling them, because I need to use , my puter.

    They said that my Records were on the Director's Desk, waiting for what?

    I asked the Nurse," you mean that someone who dosen't know me dosen't know my Medical history or anything about me and my Pain is going to make the Decision on if I need an MRI or not?

    I need to see an ENT, for a Mastoid Disease, and some answer's as to why this has been Hurting and bugging me for over 2 year's??????????

    Don't they Listen? Of Course not.

    I told my Hubby that when he put me on the HMO, if I had this kind of trouble, he had better put me back on the PPO, he Promised he would, all of a sudden, he dosen't remember saying that. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just to save a few Bucks?

    Well I'm going to spend the day, talking to Dr's, and Nurse's and Ins. people, without Getting Mad, lol,
    I'm through being Intimatied.!!!!!!!

    Ok there that's out of my system, maybe now I can get somewhere.

    I'm going to the ER this weekend if nothing happens today, the Pain is Horrible, and I can't relly think of anything else right now, try as I might.

    I printed out something called, Your Basic Rights, it's off the American Chronic Pain Association website.
    it's on the org network, server? whateveer they are called.

    It's theacpa

    There's a lot of information on the site, for thoes who are having trouble getting Pain help. Worth looking into.
    We used to be able to give out the direct addy for theacpa
    but not anymore, hope you can find it ok. ;O}

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    sorry your going threw all this crap,
    hubby been going threw the same thing it took forever to get a mri then longer to get to the surgoun when he got there they said he needed a reffererl i called the drs office and they faxed a refferel even though it wasnt required by the insurance,we got the refferl there before his actuall apt time then the lady at the desk said well the surgoun left for the day!he cant see the surgon now for a few more weeks he has a tumor in his stomach they will not know for 110 if it dosent have cancer until they remove it ,hes in pain all the time,its so stupid,
    hopefully they will get your test soon i think its a good idea you going to the er this weekend you need some relife!
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    I have stopped waiting for permission to see who I want. It has cost me, but I pay for out of network visits. I don't have a PPO option and if I waited for the referral visits, I would turn gray and die. . .

    I have fought the system and did not win. I no longer allow them to hold me hostage, to see who they want me to see, when they want me to see someone ( it is never quickly). Readers Digest had an interesting article in it about how to fight health insurance companies. I read it in a doctor's office. I thought it was info everyone should know.

    The last time I had to get assertive, I used terms like the state insurance board, attorny general, and my lawyer. I even told them I was coming down to speak to them in person. It seemed to light a fire under them. Find out who you can complain to in your state.

    Meanwhile, the whole battle takes more energy than I have . . .

    I have been told that when you go to the ER, you get appointments with specialists faster. But more importantly get that pain relief you need. So as Mikie says, "get thee to the ER".

    Keep us posted as how you are doing.
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    I can't believe this, they are just now giving the Information to the Head Person, and I might not have an answer till Monday. Pluse they put me down as a "Routine", not a Piroity, I started Crying, I was so Mad, I said what the hell, I've had this Pain since the 25th of April, and
    The dam Mastoid Disease for over 2 years without anyone telling me about it to begin with.

    I have had to wait forever to see a NeuronSurgeon, and now it;s taking them even longer to get an ok, She couldn't even tell if it would be approved or Not.

    I'm thinking the ER looks reall good right now, except that here in the Long Beach area, they are a Nightmare by themselves. I can't Win.

    My Sister who has the Cellitius Problem, is in Intesive Care, down in Santee, Ca. at Gross Monte Hosp. and I can't get down there to see her. She's in pretty bad shape and I don't know if she'll lose a leg or not. She let it go to long. Then when she did go, they said she has 4 different Baterial infection's. If you knew my Sister, you'd know why, she dosen't take care of herself, just everyone else.
    Yes she also has FMS, so she's in a Battle and I can't do a thing, except sit here and Cry.

    This is like going back in time, back 7 years ago, when I ran away from Home, to find Good Doctor's. Well now that I have them, I have to go through Crap with an HMO.

    If he dosen't Put me back on the PPO, he can do his own Laundry, cooking, and I won't ever talk to him again.
    We won't Divorce, so that would be an Emptny threat, lol.

    It's the Stress, that is making things worse, so I'm goning to do my Breathing Excerise's, do some Singing, Blues of Course, and then go to bed.

    Thanks for the Kind reply's, I know I'm not the only one who goes through the things, and I'm sure sorry that others have to also. I feel sorry for people who are in Pain, and they are treated like a Piece of Paper, or a Number.
    What was that song, about Taking a Number and waiting? Can't remember but I think it fit's, lol.