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    Does anyone here, besides Becky (!) watch "Hoarders?" OMG, did anyone see the new episode this past Friday with the guy who had been in the navy? He was an "extreme" hoarder. There were some spots in his house where the stuff was so deep that when his girlfriend walked on it, her head almost touched the ceiling. They had been dating for a couple of years, I think, and she had never seen his place. Apparently, she got out of the relationship when she realized he wasn't going to change.

    He freaked out when the therapist and organizer tried to help him. According to the graphics they put on the screen at the end of the show, he attempted to clean up his place but didn't quite make it.

    When he was showing off the work he had done in the kitchen, it really looked like he had just shoved everything over to the side. Sort of like my DH does when I ask him to get his stuff off of one of our kitchen counters!!

    That show is amazing. What I find interesting is the rationale that people can give for keeping something. A real eye opener, for sure!
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    There have been hoarders shows on various channels. I saw some TV show on hoarders and when they were cleaning all the junk out of one woman's place, they were finding long dead cats at the bottom of all the stuff. That is an extreme super major illness that woman had to allow her to live with long dead animals under all their junk and it was horrible and I changed the TV channel.

    On these hoarding shows, it appears the hoarders will even give up their family (their children, their spouses) in order to continue living a hoarder's life. It makes it understandable why some developments do yearly inspections of all units, not only to do checks of plumbing, electrical, smoke detectors, and check for fire hazards, but also to prevent hoarders from getting too entrenched.
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    I have watched some of the various shows. Some families - well it's really the parents - are "on their way" and they ask for help before they get to the extreme stage. Most on a month's follow-up have kept their place neat etc, but I wonder if they followed up a year later what the story would be.

    I've also read stories about people actually being killed by stacks of stuff falling over in extreme hoarding.

    I'd think hoarding had survival value tho, thru human history; when you think of the time/effort etc it took to make things, it made sense to hold onto bits of string etc as they could be re-used/re-purposed with much less effort.

    The recent surplus of 'stuff' has turned things around in ways people couldn't have imagined 500 years ago, or maybe even 100 years ago. Even 50 years ago, I think!

    Yes, I've decluttered, moving really helped that! - and so glad my daughter wanted so many things that I kept from my family. I kept them for about 15 years as my kids were so little when my parents passed. The rest I sold thru eBay or gave to Goodwill.

    I have had few longings now, even to buy folk-art that I see around me- lots in Mexico. The very few things I think I would like to have are the most expensive, of course, LOL! Joke's on me, I think. Tho it gets me scheming to figure out how to have something similar as a DIY project.... usually that's where it remains, hahaha.


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    I love this show. I even DVR it.My husband hates it but it makes me want to clean hahahaha.If I went in there Id just start throwing everything away. I know it a mental thing but its hazardous to their health.love gail
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    Is just laziness in my opinion, and not at all like hoarding. Snog, it would really open your eyes to see this show. My hubby is also a hoarder, but thankfully I have been able to keep his hoarding to the sheds and out of the house. I've begged him to clean them out and get rid of "junk", but he simply can't. He nearly has a panic attack over the thought of it.

    He has no idea of what he owns or where to find it. There are old blown out tires, old dead batteries, an old pump organ that's only half there, old cupboards that if taken care of would be wonderful, but are ruined beyond repair, ropes, pulleys, nuts and bolts, old car engines, boxes and sacks, bags of crushed pop cans, I could keep going. A large shed piled high.

    The thing that hurts me the worst about it is that our kids are going to have to do it after he's (we) gone, and I know how that can cause hard feelings. He said he doesn't care. He won't be here to see it happen. I call that being selfish and hard-hearted. He calls it 'his life'....lol...so we continue to agree to disagree, and I'm definitely not winning! I like simplicity and could live in a 4 room house...lol Jole
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    With my mother, we found two ladies who did "estate sales" for a percentage of the
    income. We were allowed to take whatever we wanted for our own first. After
    the sale, they took care of the rest. Knew someone who had a store.

    My in-laws. Was that ever a gift from above. They had a barn full of useless stuff.
    Some Katrina victims bought the house "with contents". After all that worrying
    I had done for nothing.

    I don't know about these days. I think the kids want stuff from Ikea not estate

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    to go thru their 'stuff' as they age... but you never know what they might not keep might be just what you're looking for.

    Just thinking of a case that a friend encountered. She was a powerseller on eBay, lives in Chicago. Her DH passed by a house where people were just pitching stuff from 2nd story window into dumpster. Stuff that was obviously good, a lot in their original boxes!

    He stopped, took a look and offered to do the work for them if they could take what they wanted to sell, and even gave the family 10%. They agreed. The deceased was an aunt with no other family, but she'd been buying 2-3 of anything/everything and the house was packed full of basically 'new' stuff ranging from 1 year to 40 years old!

    And then there was my cousin. His poor sister had to take care of his estate. He had valuable stuff in garbage bags-- next to garbage bags full of garbage-- piled into rooms. He'd been on a 25+ year 'project' of fixing up an old Victorian.

    It took her 3 months with the help of a couple of his friends to sort thru it all. Couldn't have been fun at all... plus a lot of it would've have come from their parents' estate (as their mother had just died 8 months before at age 97).

    Well, at least we've taken care of all that for our kids...!