Hoarseness, dry mouth, swollen ankles HELP! What is wrong w/me?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. risinforce

    risinforce New Member

    For a month now, my mouth has been so dry. I cannot go w/out something to drink. I have to have something at all times. Brushing my teeth stings my tongue. Sometimes HOT food stings my tongue. What is this all about?

    I also have had a hoarse voice. Like I'm getting sick. I'm not catching a cold though.

    For the last 2 weeks my ankles (mostly my left one) are swollen. To wear I can't even wear anything but tennis shoes or slippers. Socks of any kind are leaving dents in my ankles. Last night I slept on the couch w/my legs up all night and it made it go down but by the time I was ready for work the left ankle was already swollen up again.

    The back of my leg hurts a bit too just behind my knee and a little in my calf. This just started though and could be my ciatic. I was doing some lifting over the weekend which is a "no no" for me and my back. I had no choice though. No one around to help and it had to get done.

    I've had swelling in the past and it was the same leg. I talked to my doc at that time and she said as long as there isn't any pain associated then it is more than likely just FMS symptom and nothing she can do. No fear of blood clot. That is my concern.

    Any one else ever get any of the above. I'm mainly looking for a sign that I'm not a crazy person. I've looked up Sjogren's and I'm going to run that by her. I've had 2 Bartholin Gland Cysts this year (a girl problem) which is really weird and a gland thing. The dry mouth is a gland (saliva) thing so that's why I'm thinking Sjogren's. I looked up Sarcoidosis and that's not even close.

    If it's not one thing it's another. just when I think things are getting better, WHAM this happens. Can't I just be without an issue for one week?

    Help please!
  2. nibbernaaber

    nibbernaaber New Member

    Hi Shawn, I don't think you are losing your mind! I just think this is part of the symptoms of fibromyalgia! I always have a dry mouth, unless I keep it shut or chew gum and don't talk to anyone or sing too much!lol It seems like some days are better than others, and what will bother my mouth on that day, (as far as foods go) but one thing that I do to keep my mouth healthy is to gargle with soda water through out the day, it seemed to keep things a little more normal in there. As far as your swelled up feet go, I had the same thing going on, but it seemed to go away after a month or two. I noticed it after I drove or was in a sitting position for too long.

    Just remember your not crazy, I remember being just like you, looking up Sjogren's, thinking I had something else going on with my body, because of all the symptoms we go through, and if it makes you feel better to look every one up, then do it, I had to, to get a piece of mind, even though my husband thought I was crazy! I thought I had MS, then Lupus, then Sjogren's..... Do whatever will give you a clear head!

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