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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fieldmouse, Sep 27, 2006.

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    I was thinking maybe I should print out that symptoms list that I got on one of the posts and take it with me to my appointment. What do you think? I am hoping I can get the right info to him. It is so hard to remember and give all my symptoms to a doc. Seems like I only get out what is the worst now. Plus I feel like I am just whining and they really don't want to hear it. I know with my doc here it seems like after you get past about 3 or 4 symptoms they aren't even listening anymore and they always just pick one thing to focus on at that visit. Maybe you can help me to know what he needs to hear. Thanks for all your support...Mick!!
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    I would keep paper close by and make a list of your symptoms now as in what hurts, tingles etc. Those are things he will want to know. He won't try and classify you he will break down why your body is doing a certain thing like tingling and solve it on the chemical level. Does that make sense? For sure bring a list. It also helped a bunch to bring my husband with me so he could add things or ask questions which helped a lot. Remember Dr. W has FM so he won't think you're complaining. He will ask you lots of questions so be ready. Also one thing I don't know if this happens to a lot of people but I cried a lot that first day afterwords because of the hope I felt. I am curious to know if you have the same feelings. Big Hug!


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