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  1. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I know that we all have discussed this before. I was at a support group meeting and one of the ladies said that she needed some enjoyment and something to occuply herself at times. She has worked up to this yr. all of her life. Married. Children grown,

    She said that she was not good with crafts and did not enjoy same, etc. Nothing that was mentioned seemed to fit her. She is a lovely person. Bright, attractive.

    This was brought up as everyone was getting ready to leave, so was not talked about in length.

    I told her that she needed to explore and find something she could be passionate about. Something to take her away, mentally, from the every day rut, aches and pains.

    Please everyone. I would love to have a list of things to suggest to her. Any suggestions appreciated!
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  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Sues1, I hope something in here will appeal to her. :)

    Prickles raises chameleons. I know a girl here in town who farms angora rabbits to sell on the internet. Perhaps some kind of legal school or other secondary education? Owner of a venus fly trap plant?

    Maybe self-massage, or hand acupressure. It's like twiddling your thumbs, but with purpose! Other thumb-twiddling activities include: video games, channel surfing, knitting, twisting one strand of hair around a finger and releasing it...

    There are always musical instruments to learn. Books to read. Chores to do. Looking out the window is pretty good (wish I could be more active in this one!). Writing a journal.

    Well, I'm sure she'll find something to lean towards.
    ((hugs & hobbies)) Shannon
    P.S. Bird watching?
  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Good post. We all need to have something that brings us joy, pleasure, a sense of accomplishment.

    Couple ideas,

    1. Learn quilting - my sister is also disabled with Fibro and started taking a quilting class a couple years ago. It has become her passion and she is quite good already. Has entered several shows.

    2. Learn to sew. This is something I enjoy. Let me tell you, I feel proud as a Peacock when I make a set of curtains, or a slipcover for an old chair.

    3. Do nursing home visits with your beloved pet. I did these for years and the residents truely look forward to these visits. I think the odder the pet the better. Gives them something new to learn about and to share with their (usually very few) visitors.

    4. Commit to baking cookies or goodies for a nursing home, maybe weekly or just a themed goody for specific holidays.

    5. Deliver Meals on Wheels. I did this for several years when my children were small. Some communities have you go out in pairs, one as the driver, one as the deliverer. I drove, as I couldn't walk or carry much. Very rewarding.

    6. Volunteer to be a "Rocker" at the local hospital for babies born to drug addicted mothers. I did Meals on Wheels with a man who did this weekly. Just rocked and held and loved a screaming, distressed newborn, as they struggled to adjust to life.

    7. If you enjoy, and can do a little garage saling, try learning "Caning" or "Shaker Taping". You can buy oodles of old chairs at garage sales for practically nothing, with the seats missing, and restore them to greatness. (My girlfriend just learned about 6 months ago, and is doing AMAZING work)

    Fresh out of ideas. I'm sure others have some great ones to add.

  4. TKE

    TKE New Member

    Doing crafts can be so relaxing & rewarding as you finish a project. There's many organizations out there that ask for help making baby hats, sweaters for penguins (yes I said sweaters, LOL), etc. If she felt like she was helping in some way it will help her.

    Tell her to go to her local craft store. Michaels or AC Moore are 2 that come to mid & ask for a list of classes. Most are free. Tell her to take a few classes & see how it goes. There are so many too choose from I'm sure she'd find something she likes. Not all are diffucult or require major skills either.

    If crafts are totally out then have her list her skills/likes/etc & see what she can do & then build from there.
  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I find lots of good replies and I appreciate all of you.

    When I first got my problems, there was not much I even had energy to do. But then again I saw in the local news that they were looking for people to spend one hr. a week with a special friend. That was through our mental health clinic. I knew that I could do that and one hr. was not so much and it would make me get out when I did not think I could. Something that I was obligated to do.

    I enjoyed it. Took them shopping and such. They were nice people and it worked out well. I got to getting to spend even more than that 1 hr. with them.

    I had sewed very little and still not talented in that area, but I started making crafts for a church bazaar. I just used my imagination and made goose clothing and such.
    I made some really different and cute things. It made me happy and did some good for the community.

    I got my first computer and started family tree researching.
    I have file cabinets full of such. I shared not only with the ones researching same lines but to my family and that is addicting and fullfilling.

    Right now I am getting rid of clothes I no longer wear, going through boxes that has been packed away, basement and so forth. Drawers, closets...everything. But sometimes it is only for 5 or 10 minutes! As my energy or body does not cooperate well. It is so great though to get control on your home. All goes to other people or a charity that I get rid of. I am gainning control and owning my house instead of it owningme.LOL.

    Researching our illnesses and being on this board is also another great outlet. Blessings to all...........Susan
  6. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Reading is one of my favorites.

    But my most favorite is SUDOKU! These are number puzzles that can keep you occupied for hours. Definitely distract you from your pain. No addition required!

    Sudoku is like a fad right now and will probably stay like crosswords and circle words.

    Have fun!
  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Sudoku has been catching on big time. Mikie on our board really enjoys it also. I liked what you said about it distracting you from pain...

    that is the thing we all need, something that encompasses us and we totally get involved. I am addicted to crossword puzzles. Not the real hard ones though. But that is how I regained my vocabulary after I came down with FIBRO/CFIDS.

    At first words would jump around and I was having problems on how to spell things....etc. I had a large vocabulary before getting ill. I stuck with it and so happy that I did.

    I HAVE to do at least one a day, sometimes several. How relaxing...........thanks Susan....from......Susan
  8. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Joining a book club at the local library, or bookstore,

    Geneology ( finding out your families roots/ your family tree)you can find lots of info. on the net.

    Doing volunteer work (such at a local blood drive)

    Volunteering in the local soup kitchen.

    taking a class at the local library (they are cheap, usual $5.00 or so.

  9. boltchik

    boltchik New Member

    Digital photography class. Learn how to take great photos!
    Cake decorating class
    Dance classes, low key if in too much pain, but you can stretch those muscles.
    Volunteer helping needy. Christmas is coming. Our church has tons of food gathering drives, adopt a family.
    Read to kids at the city library.
    Sketching or painting class

    Just some thoughts, have a great day! Kim :)
  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    You can suggest the entire world to her, but unless she thinks about it herself,and finds the motivation, it ain't gonna work.

    My husband is like that and I've given up. He wants someone to supply him with the excitement over something new. I love to do so many things and I could never be bored.

    I've gotten into a once a week location painting group. It's pretty hard to get motivated in the morning due to fatigue or pain, get in the car and drive the one hour to where they're gathered, but once I get there and get involved, I lose track of time and forget myself. I come home in the afternoon, thoroughly exhausted but happy. That's because I'm doing something I love.
  11. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Thanks .....

    I feel that she is just discovering that she has some time to do things, and is just beginning to explore the options of a hobby or outlet.

    It is tough when we are not well. I know that she goes to the local Y and is involved with her grandchildren, I do not know her well.

    I am seeing that making lists of what a person likes, and talents or would like to explore and try would be a good idea.
    Gentle hugs to all......Susan
  12. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    OKAY.....I'll bite......I meant to ask this before....

    Making sweaters for Penguins???? Real or toy ones? LOL.

    Please explain.......only "animals" I dress are cement geese. My DH's Jack Russell will not allow clothes on her.

    You got a laugh out of me on this one! Susan
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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    I have a new hobby now. It is called Dragon speaking naturally. I am using this program right now I am not even tying at this time. I am speaking on a headset. Pretty cool how this can work like this on the Internet.

    Have a good day everyone,.

  14. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Georgiac ...my hands do not work so well.....I could not do that. But your yarn must be beautiful. It is important to find that thing that "takes you away" from our ruts. How clever and great that you can obtain some reward of extra income from what you love to do.

    Jody......you are remarkable. I know that the Dragonspeak is new for you. You are doing great. Your school work now and yet you are a great Mom and all. I bought a program some time ago that you speak and it types for you. It is in its box yet......LOL.

    Love and gentle Hugs........Susan
  15. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    I love books and writing, so I would suggest a book club (try the local library for starters) or a writing class. You can find such things on the internet too if getting out and about is a problem.

    Taking classes in anything, or attending lunchtime lectures - check with local universities and colleges.

    Volunteering - my dad and his wife (not my mom, my parents are divorced...) spend a lot of time helping out in a local thrift shop and they get a lot of bargains too!

    My mom spent a lot of time as a volunteer at the local hospital as a volunteer after she retired. She was a greeter/welcomer who took people to where they needed to be (that hospital is a MAZE) but hospital volunteers can work in lots of ways - in shops on site, or in wards cheering up patients etc etc.

    Raising critters for fun or to sell - rabbits or goats or llamas, as well as cats and dogs, depending on where she lives and local zoning regs.

    Gardening may work too - she is has physical limitations maybe she can get a family member or student to build her some raised beds and set them up "lasagna gardening" style - Google it, there is a brilliant book about it. :) If she is phsyically unable to garden, maybe she can visit local public gardens or botanical centres and enjoy the plants there. She could get involved as a volunteer too if she likes.

    A look at the local papers' community or volunteer-wanted listings will also yield up a lot of ideas.

    Or she could take up an interest like learnign to play an instrument, or familiarizing herself with certain types of music if she doesn;t want to play. Or join a choir. Or get into Shakespeare or Gilbert&Sullivan. :)

    Or take up a cause that she cares about - political (including local politics and residents' associations) or environmental or religious or whatever...

    If she really does not know what she wants to do, maybe reading a book such as "What Colour is Your Parachute" will help her to identify her interests and passions. Even though it's really geared to the working world, I think it would help her to identify some areas to focus on and/or some new things to try. Then she can think of some hobbies or volunteer opportunities that would take her in that direction.

  16. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    I enjoy things that have been posted before. We have a lot of new people here and they put a new spin on things.

    Sometimes I like to look back to get newly inspired. atiledsner
  17. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I loved to surf the internet .Its fun to go to other countries and find different things.
    I use to live in Germany and loved going to their factories or christmas shops .I'm not sure how to find it now but there use to be a vertural video of a town in Germany that is a christmas village .You can go into the stores on line it was cool.
    I taught myself to use the computer by picking a subject and surfing it out on the web.There is so much knowledge to be found and things to see.If I had been able to have a computer as a young person I might have finished college.lol

    Really she could even search out hobbys she might like.I can get lost for hours on the computer.

    you are a very nice person to try and help someone find a hobby let us know what she tries.

    www.galenfrysinger.com This is a really cool site

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  18. TKE

    TKE New Member

    >>TKE attention 10/26/06 08:51 PM

    OKAY.....I'll bite......I meant to ask this before....

    Making sweaters for Penguins???? Real or toy ones? LOL.

    Please explain.......only "animals" I dress are cement geese. My DH's Jack Russell will not allow clothes on her.

    You got a laugh out of me on this one! Susan <<

    Yes real ones :). Huz & I saw it on Tv a few weeks ago. They made sweaters for a certain species of penguin that had been caught in an oil spill. Can't remember which pole tho (north or south). Anyway they put the sweaters on them to help keep them warm while their feathers regrow/reoil/etc. This has kept many from dying. They were knitted, had a hole for the neck/head, a hole for each wing & of course the bottom was open. I had to laugh at them waddling around on the snow & ice in brightly colored sweaters. They didn't seem to mind one bit tho.


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