Hoda and Kathi lee show?

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  1. Where did kathi lee go? I rarely watch it, but the last few times I turned it on, a guy was taking kathi lee's place. Did she leave the show? Actually I don't care that much for her, too into herself, just wondering.
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    Kathi Lee Gifford was showing up a lot on "The Soup" show which is a comedy show poking fun at mistakes or actions by others that make it onto that comedy show. The Soup is harmless and a lot of fun

    The clips shown of Kathi Lee were from the morning show where she is on briefly with Hoda and some show somewhat insensitive remarks she has made--usually said very quickly and might not be caught by the public, but thanks to the magic of "clips", they air on The Soup. It may be a hard venue for Kathi Lee to be outside with the public just feet away and screaming at times and it may be more difficult for someone to keep going during all that and weather too. Take care and hugs.
  3. Thanks I do admit I love talk shows. They were making fun of Kathi lee drinking too much wine (Hoda and billy Bush) But then she says she does too. I like the weight loss series they have alot. wish I could lose about 50 lbs.

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