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    Can anyone else not get into Lymenet, or is it just me. I've been trying for hours. I have a lot of questions. I found a bull's eye rash underneath my arm after starting amoxy and doxy together. Is that even possible. There was NO tick bite. It just appeared after the antibiotics, not to mention I now feel like total ****. Could this be a herx reaction that everyone keeps talking about?

    Also, I had an MRI, I'll post more about it later, however, it was mostly good. I do have some neck problems and I have Mastoid disease and some weird name for a sinus thing. Mastoid has to do with your middle ear and I have to go get it drained with surgery.

    Kind of a hodge podge of a post. Sorry.
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    I have been wondering about you, Yes, on the rash, I still get reoccuring rashes when I herx or if im having a flair up,it could be herx. Ive never heard of Mastoid disease, good luck with your surgery. Did you ever go get an Igenex test, or see A LLMD?
    Sorry, I havent tryed to get on Lyme net in a while. Please let us know how your doing, take care. Sandie
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